America, what a country…I love it

March 13, 2008 |

I am a football guy. I love the NFL…the upcoming draft is like Christmas come early for me, but last night I was reminded why I love College Basketball and how they pick a Champion.


I knew no player on either team. Didn’t even know what conference they were in before the game started. No clue where Sacred Heart is located or even knew they were in D1 before this year. But from the tip, this was a great basketball game. Not the smoothest, prettiest game…but great. You could feel through the TV how much those kids cared about the game. Every possession was crucial and it showed.

It’s why college basketball is great and why every team has a chance to dance! For those that say it’s unfair the way the tourney is selected or will be upset that your team is left out of the dance when they may have deserved to get into the tourney, well look at the MOUNT!

The MOUNT a four seed, is now going to the tourney…the dream is alive. Want to go to the NCAA tourney…its simple folks…win your conference tourney and you are in. Play your best basketball in March and off you go to the dance.

Don’t complain to me that this team deserved to go or that team got the shaft. If they played better when it mattered, then they would be in just like the MOUNT. It’s that simple…it’s why they have the conference tourney. It’s not to make the regular season pointless. It’s to give every team the same chance to dance. I love it!