An Arizona based ’19 points to ponder’…

January 28, 2008 | Drew Forrester

1. Two weeks ago, if I would have told you the Terps were going to split the 2-game set with UNC and Duke, you would have thought I was crazy, right?  I know they lost last night, but this Terps team we’ve seen over the last three games is good enough to get into the NCAA Tournament.

2. If the Giants somehow win the Super Bowl and Plaxico Burress contributes to the win, he has to be the team’s post-season MVP.

3. I’ll take Brandt Snedeker to win this week’s PGA Tour event in Scottsdale.

4. Too bad Roger Federer didn’t win the Australian Open.  No other guy in tennis can win the Grand Slam except him.  Oh well, maybe next year.

5.  Should they re-name the team the “Rayvens”?

6. One more time, for the record:  Patriots 27-Giants 19.

7. How can anyone on the PGA Tour HONESTLY think they can win the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines this June…just give the trophy to Tiger now.

8. If the Ravens coach-firing was a train wreck, what do you call what’s going on in Washington?  The Titantic?

9. Congrats to Towson and Morgan St. for good conference wins over the weekend.  The Tigers finally got a big effort from Tony Durant (20 pts) and the Bears picked up a big road win at Howard.

10. Rex Ryan is now the team’s Assistant Head Coach as well as their Defensive Coordinator?  Good for him.  He deserved a little bump in pay for getting strung along like that for four weeks.

11. There’s absolutely no doubt the Wizards are a better TEAM without Gilbert Arenas.  But there’s no doubt the Caps wouldn’t be as good without Alex Ovechkin.  Speaking of the Caps, if they can get their hands on a quality veteran goaltender at the trade deadline they might make a little (just a little…) noise in the playoffs.

12. If the Erik Bedard trade goes through (and I’m ALL for it, by the way), the O’s won’t win more than 55 games in ’08. 

13. It’s amazing to me that people out there still call the Giants run to the Super Bowl “lucky” or “a fluke”.  How can a team win 10 straight road games and win in Dallas and in Green Bay to get to the big game and not be VERY legitimate?

14. The Phoenix Suns are at home against Atlanta this week.  I didn’t even know the NBA season started yet.

15. Martin Brodeur is the best goaltender in NHL history.

16. The Ravens and the Redskins can thank Al Davis.  He’s earned the off-season’s biggest coaching disaster by asking Lane Kiffen to resign.  When Kiffen said, “no”, Davis started interviewing new candidates anyway.  What a joke.  Fire the man, pay him and move on.  Stop jerking him around.

17. I have a feeling the QB competition in Ravens training camp this summer will be between Kyle Boller and Troy Smith. 

18. A friend of mine went on-line to buy Orioles/Yankees single-game tickets and tells me they cost him $80.00 each.  He also says that those same seats cost him $65.00 last year.  Is that possible?  Did a team that hasn’t had a winning season in 10 years really raise their ticket prices by $15.00 per-game?  No way, right?

19. Here’s a question from Nestor we just talked about on the air:  Are the Ravens a better organization TODAY – having fired the coaching staff – than they would have been had the Ravens stayed with Bilick, hired Mike Mularkey and retained Rex Ryan?