An easy fix to the HOF voting problem in baseball

January 07, 2010 |

Year after year it’s the same thing. A certain player doesn’t get a vote because some writer doesn’t believe that any player is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer. And it’s not like each writer only gets one vote. Each writer can put up to ten names on their ballot!

Conversely the stupidity is not limited to writers who refuse to vote for certain players, it also includes the writers who vote for players who are obviously not HOF worthy. This year it was David Segui, Kevin Appier, and Pat Hentgen receiving undeserved single votes, where Ellis Burks and Eric Karros each received two votes.

David Segui can’t even make the Orioles HOF!

Writers who exclude those that are obviously deserving or include players who are undeserving should not be allowed to take part in what should be considered an honor and a responsibility to the game of baseball.

My easy fix…

If a player makes it into the HOF and is on at least 95% of the ballots and you did not vote for that player, then you are stripped of your voting credentials. Also, if you vote for a player who has less than 5% of the overall vote you are stripped of your voting credentials.

If writers still wanted to vote in future years they would be scared into voting for players that truly deserve to be there. No more of this stuff where players get in on the 13th try.

Baseball has enough problems; can’t it at least make a simple fix to bring a little more integrity to the HOF voting?