An Introduction

April 09, 2009 |

I’m excited for this opportunity to be writing a blog on WNST. I’ve been an avid listener for a long time, and never did I think I’d be a part of it. Even if it’s only for a brief period of time, it’s still an unbelievable reality. With so much going on in sports right now I feel lucky that this competition started at this time. With the NFL draft coming up, the NBA playoffs and the Orioles (2-0) looking to sweep the Yankees in Baltimore this afternoon, how can you not love this as a sports fan? I’m sure a lot of you listeners and blog readers are just like me by checking WNST via radio or Internet at least once a day looking for new Ravens signings and draft news waiting for the next Ozzie Newsome miracle. LOL. I was extremely happy when I received a text message stating Samari Rolle would be donning purple and black again. Although my favorite Raven was Chris McAlister. I’m excited as ever for this already exciting Orioles season and like most Orioles fans I have a little glimmer of hope. I know it’s a long season but we’ll see. I’m looking forward to get out to the ballpark this year with my 6 year old daughter for her first baseball game. It’ll be a memorable time.  I hope you enjoy my blogs as I hope to keep you entertained as well as informed. Thank You Nester and the rest of the WNST(the best in Baltimore Sports Talk) for this opportunity. It’s an honor to be working with you.