An open letter to Peter Schmuck

April 01, 2008 | Drew Forrester


Sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with you at opening day yesterday.  I enjoyed the few minutes I spent chatting with you and David Steele in the 5th inning, but I don’t want to be seen with you too much – the natives in The Warehouse might get restless if they see you talking to “the enemy”.

Anyway, you’d better be careful, Peter.  That column you wrote today, along with the accompanying photo that showed 54 people IN the seats and 178 EMPTY seats, was borderline-negative. 

I’m already “WSC” (without season credential)…you keep writing stuff like you wrote today and YOU might be next.

Sure, I know what you wrote was the truth.  The game WASN’T sold out, the seats WEREN’T filled and any attempts by the club to rationalize either of those issues aren’t worth their time.  They should be more worried about selling tickets and less worried about explaining why they’re NOT selling them.

I know you wrote the truth, Peter, but that kind of reporting isn’t going to sit very well with the Communications department.

What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you realize that if further behavior like that continues you could be banished to the “C Lot” over by Ravens stadium? 

Speak the truth, Peter, but be very careful if that truth in some way, shape or form, paints the team in a not-so-positive light.

I still think you’re a long way from getting the, “I’m ordering you to stop calling, e-mailing and texting me” call that I got last Friday and I’m sure it would be a cold day in hell when the team would disrespect you by calling The Sun and “all you people” (that’s probably NOT a term of endearment) insignificant.

Still, I think, as a guy who shared a great Mexican dinner with you at the Super Bowl, that I owe it to my friends to point out when they’re skating on thin ice and you, my friend, might be just about ready to lace up the skates if stuff like today’s column continues on throughout the season.

Be careful, pal. 

We might be watching Wednesday’s game up in the stands.