An open letter to Ted Leonsis….

August 21, 2010 | Shawn Credle

Mr. Leonsis,

I would like to reach out to you on behalf of the sports fans of Baltimore. There have been rumors going around that you are considering bringing Wizards Basketball and Capitals Hockey to Baltimore. Well, at least for a night or two. Let me be among the first to say….PLEASE DO!!! There are thousands of basketball and hockey fans in the Greater Baltimore area who would love to check out the NBA and the NHL, and not have to drive an hour or more to do so.

When you purchased the Wizards, I hope that you did your research, and discovered the history of that franchise and the city of Baltimore. For 10 years, the team’s home was in Baltimore. And while the city hasn’t received another NBA franchise since the “Bullets” moved to D.C., the love of the game still exists here. With strong high school and college teams, basketball still thrives in Baltimore.

As far as hockey is concerned, there’s history there as well. Baltimore has a love for the game of hockey. Who will ever forget the years of the Baltimore Skipjacks? And yes, the Skipjacks, at one time, were the minor league affiliate of the Capitals. Look at some of the names that came thru the Skipjacks franchise: Don Beaupre, Phil Bourque, Steve Carlson, Olaf Kolzig, Bob Errey, Keith Jones, and Marty McSorley, just to name a few.  Baltimore would love a chance to see Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, Tomas Fleischmann, Mike Knuble, and others play here.   I know that there are thousands of hockey fans in this city that would love a chance to watch NHL hockey in their backyard. There are also a lot of Capitals season ticket holders, who live in Baltimore, that would love to enjoy a game without the hassle of a long drive or metro ride.

Here is what I suggest. The seasons run at the same time basically. Why not alternate months, and present one Caps game one month, and a Wizards game another month in Baltimore? Cap it at four Baltimore home regular season games for each team. Yeah, I know, too much! D.C. wouldn’t go for it. Well, how’s this for a start? Present four games from each team, two preseason games, and two regular season games? I think that if you start there, you could test it out to see if Baltimore would support having NHL and NBA games. I do believe that you would find a new source of fans, and revenue, from those games.

Baltimore sports fans would love to enjoy Caps hockey and Wizards basketball. We don’t hate all Washington sports teams, just the Redskins!  (Sorry, Ravens fans will never cheer for the Skins!)   

Just give us a chance. I think you would like the outcome.