Anchors Away To A Busy Baltimore Sports Weekend!

April 11, 2009 |

This Saturday, Baltimore area sports fans will be given a rare treat as all three of downtown Baltimore’s major venues will feature great events.

The 1st Mariner Arena will host the NISL Championship between the Baltimore Blast and the Rockford Rampage.

At OPACY, the Orioles will host the defending American League Champion Tampa Bay Rays and M&T Bank Stadium will feature “The Day of Rivals” featuring two great college lacrosse match-ups: Maryland vs. Hopkins and Army vs. Navy.

Now, when most fans think of “Army/Navy”, they think of the storied football rivalry between the two schools. Truth be told, any match-up between the two academies, whether it be in football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey or tiddley-winks, would be very entertaining.

I have been fortunate to see in person the Naval Academy field teams in football, ice hockey and earlier this week, baseball. I have an enormous amount of respect for the students and athletes of all of the military academies.

Their students and athletes have several unique challenges. They have some of the highest and most difficult academic and disciplinary standards to uphold and once they graduate, they are obligated to serve their country and be placed in harm’s way. Very rarely will you see an athlete from the academies play professionally (David Robinson, Roger Staubach and Napoleon McCallum are the only three that I can think of). But win or lose, you will never see these teams quit.

There is so much history and tradition with the academies that I don’t think that I can do them justice by a mere mention of them in a blog. I will say that I am grateful for the entertainment that they provide on the field, rink or court and for their service to our country.