Andy Taylor and Sports

July 04, 2012 | Marty Mossa

I would be remised if I didn’t write about one of my favorite actors Andy Griffith who passed away yesterday at age 86. The Andy Griffith show was always and always will be my favorite TV show. Mayberry, North Carolina was a place I always dreamed of growing up and living the rest of my life in. I never liked living in a large metropolitan area and would give an appendage to have a small town experience.

The Andy Griffith show ran on CBS from 1960 – 1968. What if the Panthers, Bobcats and Hurricanes were around in the early sixties? Can you image some of the conversations between Andy and Barney? Or Andy and Aunt Bee? I’m sure being the good father that Andy was; he’d take Opie the other side of North Carolina to see a Panther’s or Bobcat’s game in Charlotte.

He can see Andy having Barney, Gomer, Goober, and Floyd the barber over after church to watch the Panther’s game. Then the group would relish the victory, or recoup from the loss at the dinner table to enjoy yet another Sunday Dinner cooked by none other than Aunt Bee.

Can you see Barney and Gomer debating who the Panthers should draft. Can you see Goober, Gomer, and Barney arguing over an offside by the Hurricanes?
I can hear Andy telling Aunt Bee that he Barney and Opie are going to Raleigh to see the Caine’s play. “Aunt Bee would you like to go?” Andy would politely ask. I can hear Aunt Bee in her high piercing voice “Oh heavens Andy no, I don’t want to go to a hockey game, those men play too rough, they try to hurt each other, I thinks it’s a poor decision on your part to expose Opie to that.”
Yea I could see Mayberry being full of loyal North Carolina sports fans. They would love the Panthers, Bobcats, and Hurricanes. God Bless your soul Andy we’ll miss you. It’s sad to see these shows that I grew up loving so much to watch lose yet another character.