Angelos worse then Irsay, and here’s why

February 09, 2012 | Paul Hoke

So the Super Bowl is over.  My team wasn’t in it, so honestly, I really didn’t give a rat’s you know what who won, just so long as the Patriots lost.  Make sense?  I know, not really.  But either way, as we approach the middle of February and the wonderful Baltimore Raven’s football season is now in the rearview mirror, a dark and sad reality is creeping in on all of us….pitchers and catchers report in 9 days.

In nine days pitchers and catchers who will do what they do to try to make the Baltimore Orioles opening day roster will convene in Sarasota, Florida and begin what can only be assumed will be a 15th straight losing, meaningless baseball season here in Charm City.  Oh f-ing joy.

With the Capitals struggling to keep their heads above the playoff waters in the NHL’s Eastern Conference, it’s setting up to be a very bleak spring and summer around these parts.  But this isn’t about whether or not Dale Hunter’s boys can make a run at Lord Stanley’s Cup in April, May, and June.  It’s about that pathetic, disgusting franchise who headquarter at 333 W. Camden Street.  And who are run by the worst owner in the history of professional sports….the loathesome, reprehensible lawyer, Peter G. Angelos.

I guarantee if the 1919 Chicago White Sox had their pick of who to play for, the tightwad Chuck Comiskey, or our resident midget owner here, I guarantee they pick Commie.  Hell, they may even tell the gamblers to keep their $25,000, as long as they don’t have to play for this idiot in Baltimore.  To watch, as a fan of this team for 30 years, what this monster has done, not just to what was once one of the finest organizations in baseball, but also to a city and civic pride, is a crime.  It’s an outright crime.  And yet, he’s allowed to get away with it day in and day out.  Major League Baseball doesn’t care.  The local media who are in his pocket doesn’t care.  His idiot son, John, who may or may not inherit the team when this old turd croaks…doesn’t care.

So what are we left to do??  We’ve stopped going to the games, except for the 7,000 retards who still think that hope springs eternal on that first Monday in April.  Who can look at the trade that sent class act Jeremy Guthrie to Colorado in exchange for two guys who I could probably go 2 for 5 with 3 rbi’s off of, as a step in the right direction.  Sad to say, but this Dan Duquette jackass is making me long for the days of Andy MacPhail.  Now some of you may be a little put off with some of the verbage I’m using, some of the directly harsh words I have for members of this organization.  I don’t care.  I’m put off by the fact that this midget has destroyed something I have loved for over 30 years.  Something that no matter what was going on in my life, was a constant.  A source of comfort, and at times, a lovely distraction.  Orioles baseball has always been a part of my life.  In the summer of 1976, following my birth that June, my parents dressed me in my very first Orioles’ onsie.  As a kid, I remember fondly watching Game 5 of the 1983 World Series from my grandmother’s house on Hazelwood Avenue.  She died the following January.  My grandmom died with the Orioles as World Champions.  That matters.  I lived 5 minutes from Memorial Stadium in Clifton Park.  My fondest childhood memories are of Dad and I hopping in the old Chevy Citation, Ford Maverick, or whatever other jalopy served as the family vehicle, and trek to Lake Montebello, where we would park for $2 and walk to 33rd Street.  This was a summer ritual.  The Orioles, were a part of my family.  And even in the down years, you always felt as though the Birds were family, a staple of the community.  Especially in the years following the Colts’ departure for Indianapolis.

And there is where I make my connection.

Robert Irsay, for obvious reasons is considered a villian in this town.  He was the worst owner in professional sports at the time, although the Bidwell’s could give him a run for his money.  He was a drunken lunatic that started shopping the Colts around about the same time I arrived on this planet via Sinai Hospital.  The very mention of his name brings about images of despair, treachery, and a vile heinous course of conduct that ultimately led to fans refusing to go to Memorial Stadium and support the team.

Sound familiar?  Sound like some other midget in town?  But this is where Angelos is worse then Irsay.

Some may disagree, but at least Irsay, in all his vile being, had the decency to put Baltimore out of it’s misery, and move the team.  He became, for another decade plus, Indianapolis’ problem.  It wasn’t until a lanky quarterback from Tennessee ressurrected the franchise in the late 1990’s, that Indy had anything to cheer for from their stolen team.  But more importantly, and we can look back on it this way now, the Colts’ move ultimately set the stage for the Ravens’ arrival in 1996.  A chain of events that took 13 years and left a million tears in it’s wake, but unlike Angelos, Irsay had the decency to take his disgrace, and leave town.

What do we have with Angelos’ disgrace?  An annual display of the worst a professional sports franchise offers.  A civic tragedy.  With every passing day, Peter G. Angelos spits in the face of you, me, and anyone else who has grown up loving the Orioles.  He spits in the face of Cal Ripken (who detests King Peter, by the way), Brroks Robinson, Eddie Murray, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey, Frank Robinson, and every other current and former Oriole who has ever worn the orange and black.  Except Garret Atkins, he just doesn’t matter.

Sure Irsay did the same thing the Baltimore Colts and their fans.  But he left.  He ultimately paved the way for something better for the city of Baltimore.

King Peter???  He’s still here.

Basically printing money at the warehouse while we suffer through baseball that would have to improve to be considered bad.  While Rick Dempsey and the late Mike Flanagan worked and continue to work in some ways, without a contract.  Anyone who knows how Peter Angelos handled the Flanagan situation, up to and including his tragic death, and I mean knows some of the intimate details that you will NEVER read about in The Sun or Orioles Hangout, knows just what a despicable human being this jerk is.  I know more then maybe I should know about the whole Flanagan thing.  And just the mere thought of knowing how Peter Angelos treated Flanny before, and after his tragic death, sickens me beyand belief.

And yet, no one writes about that.  No one sits down one on one with Angelos to interview him about HIS role in Flanny’s suicide.  Mostly because he won’t do it.  And after all, when you have the majority of the local media in your back pocket, you can get away with it.

He puts making money above everything else.  Including the life of a fellow human being he had the nerve to call a friend.  Nice guy, huh?

I could go on and on about the sins of Peter G. Angelos, but there’s almost a “Why bother” factor to it.  What is there that I could write, that hasn’t been written or said on WNST, the one media outlet in this town with the balls to stand up for the common sports fan and do their part to try to end this travesty.  Glenn Clark made a comment on his show yesterday, to which I called in and responded, and asked if we Oriole fans would sign off on the team doing a “Cleveland Brown”.  Basically, the team, the ownership group, the front office, all of them would re-locate to some city that is so hard up for professional baseball, that they would take Angelos & Co.  (Hmmmm, wonder if Indy wants another Baltimore treat?).  And the city would keep the colors, records, etc. for an expansion team that would start up in 3 years with a completely new ownership group.

Sign me up.

I would take that in a heartbeat.  I would sign off on that deal faster then you can say, “John Angelos may be worse then his father.”  Yes, businesses downtown would suffer, even die off.  But just like Irsay moving to Indy, there would be a light at the end of that tunnel.  I can see the slogan now, “2015: The RETURN of Baltimore Orioles baseball.”  Nice to dream about.  Because I think the reality of the 2015 season, will be nothing more then the 18th meaningless baseball season in this city.

And think about this…

The Orioles have been one of, if not, THE worst franchises in all of sports for now the 15th consecutive season.  We were only without football here, for 12.  He may have been a piece of human garbage, but at least Irsay had the common decency to leave Baltimore with what turned out to be a brighter future including a Lombardi Trophy.

While Angelos continues to gut punch you, me, this city, the baseball team, and it’s history, day in and day out…season in and season out.  Who’s worse?

I’ll let you decide for yourself, but for me, the Midget from the Warehouse takes the cake.  And he still doesn’t care.