Another List, Another Disaster

August 25, 2010 | John West

When you take on the responsibility to write a blog several times a week, you buy yourself a lot of reading. I read lots of sports sites and lots of random thoughts about sports, so you don’t have too.

I found one little story that is yet another example of the flaming disaster that is the Baltimore Orioles. First the details of the story.

There were 8 players signed as free agents for over $1 million dollars in the offseason that have been released so far this year. That list is………

Chan Ho Park – Yankess – $1.2 million……….35.3 innings…….released
Brendan Donnelly – Pirates – $1.35 million……..30.6 innings…….released
Bob Howry – Diamondbacks – $2.25 million……14.3 innings…….released
Alex Cora – Mets – $2 million …….187 plate appearances…..…..released
Adam Everett – Tigers – $1.55 million…89 plate appearances…….released
Randy Winn – Yankees – $1.1million…71 plate appearances……..released
Jack Cust – A’s – $2.65 million……….0 plate appearances……….released
Garrett Atkins – O’s – $4.5 million…..152 plate appearances………released

Well, what do you know; the Orioles have the worst offender on this list. (Insert Macualay Culkin face slap right here) Where do I begin?

How about here……I am not at all surprised by this list. I expect us to be on this list. This is a list that is made for us to be on. Do you get it?

This is driving by the need to pretend to the fans that they care about winning and are willing to spend money. Yet at the same time, be absolutely horrible in how they spend it. One could argue that the Garrett Atkins signing by the Orioles wasn’t the worst offseason move they made. I think it is, but I would listen to Mike Gonzalez arguments if you felt like making one.

I will be blogging about the huge story out of Pittsburgh and how much money the Pirates are making later in the week. It is a BIG DEAL!!! The idea that losing baseball has become very profitable could be on the verge of really pissing off a lot of people.

And Andy McPhail has perfected the blueprint on how to do just that. One of those things is to sell the fan base that “Tomorrow looks better”. I want to believe that the Orioles have a brighter future, but I don’t believe it because of what the Orioles tell me. I believe it because national reporters and scouts are high on the Orioles farm system.