Another Orioles Season Is Six Days Away From Biting The Dust ….

July 22, 2009 |

Well, another Baltimore baseball season is coming to an end – the Orioles wrap-up 2009, next Tuesday evening, against the Kansas City Royals, at Camden Yards …..

Of course, I’m being a smart alec, or am I ???

Alas, this is a BASEBALL blog – which means Glenn Clark doesn’t care and nobody else will, either, in six more days …..

That’s right, if I wanna cover a point regarding America’s pastime, it’s best to do it this week. After next Tuesday, all eyes, ears, minds and hearts will be in Westminster and fixated on anything and everything regarding the Baltimore Ravens.

But, it’s still July and the Major League Baseball season is far from over. Or, is it ….

While the Orioles still have 70 games remaining on this season’s schedule, it’s becoming obvious that interest is waning and only the unconditional optimists or diehard fans of the game are really pining to see where Aubrey Huff or George Sherrill land, next week, right?

We’re accustomed to this upcoming s-t-r-e-t-c-h of the season, where people really don’t care, and the ballpark is sparsely occupied by the following …..

1) Tourists with Camden Yards on their baseball “bucket list”

2) Red Sox fans (* ballpark is packed)

3) A local family on someone else’s dime

4) Yankees fans (* ballpark is packed)

5) The most frugal of suckers who purchased mini-season plans

I guess you can count me among those who really do care about the upcoming trade deadline, as well as the postseason drive. While I’ll be in Westminster, and absorbing everything purple, I still love baseball.

So, with “All Star Week” officially in the rear view mirror, it’s time to take a look toward the finish line and the accomplishments, as well as disappointments of the 2009 season. And, no, I’m not thinking with my heart.

Here ya go …..

AL Divisional Winners/Wildcard – East/Red Sox, Central/White Sox, West/Rangers, Wildcard/Rays

The Yankees and Rays will battle for the final spot and I’ve just got a feeling the Rays’ youth is better served late in the season.

NL Divisional Winners/Wildcard – East/Phillies, Central/Cubs, West/Dodgers, Wildcard/Cardinals

World Series – Red Sox vs. Dodgers (Dodgers 4-3)

AL MVP – Jason Bay, Red Sox

AL CY – CC Sabathia, Yankees (and future Jenny Craig Spokesman)

AL ROY – Brett Anderson, A’s

NL MVP – Albert Pujols, Cardinals

NL CY – Tim Lincecum, Giants

NL ROY – Tommy Hanson, Braves

AL Goat – David Ortiz, Red Sox

NL Goat – Jimmy Rollins, Phillies

AL Comeback Player – Victor Martinez, Indians

NL Comeback Player – Todd Helton, Rockies

Roy Halladay’s Team on October 1st – Blue Jays

Orioles Biggest Off-Season Addition – Joe Girardi

Uh-oh ….. FRANCHISE is pissed-off now !!!!