Another Ray-mistake – He should be in Baltimore right now…

March 03, 2009 | Drew Forrester

As Ray Lewis continues to mull over his options – or, perhaps, OPTION – it strikes me that he’s making yet another mistake in this new-contract soap opera.

I’m not saying this would cement his deal in Baltimore and get him what he wants, but I know it couldn’t hurt his chances:  He should be in Baltimore right now.

I realize Boca Raton is nice this time of the year.  I’m sure Ray has a whopper of a place down there and any and all luxuries are available to him 24/7. 

Now, though, is the time to be in Baltimore.

If, that is, you really WANT to be in Baltimore as a football player.

I fully realize that Ray hasn’t handled the “speaking part” of the new-contract process very well.  I’ve been saying that since the beginning.  So, it might be counter-productive for Ray to keep talking when he usually gets himself in trouble when he speaks.

That said, IF Ray is going to speak – or NOT speak, even – he should be in Baltimore.  If he decides to do the tour of local radio, it would be better to sit in front of folks than to do it on the phone.  If he wants to buzz around to the TV stations and be seen, it’s easier to be seen when you’re in Baltimore and not Boca Raton.

The vanishing act he’s pulling right now might be easy on his nerves, but it’s not helping him in the court of public opinion.

Maybe (and I’ve written this a lot) Ray just doesn’t care that much about what the fans in Baltimore think about his situation.  He has that right.  After all, he’s done 13 years of quality time in Charm City and he doesn’t owe anyone, anything.

In the end, though, the real question for Ray is this:  Wouldn’t you be better off right now in Baltimore, handling this “campaign” in the city where you’ve earned your Hall of Fame stripes?

I say “yes”.