Anybody but THOSE guys.

January 13, 2009 | Keith Melchior

The thought of Pittsburgh possibly winning a 6th Super Bowl championship  just makes me want to puke.  Granted, I hope the Ravens beat the living snot out of the black and gold Sunday evening just so we don’t have to 2 weeks to hear about Big Ben the drama queen, and seeing Hines Ward smiling like the cat that ate the canary. This would be their 2nd championship in 4 years and their fans would be even more unbearable than they are now.

The Steelers have to be the luckiest team to ever make it to the AFC Championship game. They have gotten more calls, more breaks and more bounces than mostly every other NFL team combined. And there they are, at home for a championship game. There will be more mustaches and beards wearing black and gold than ever, and even the men will be sporting the team colors. Those ugly yellow towels will be waving all day long.  I HATE that!!!!

The great Ric Flair coined the phrase, “to be the man, you gotta beat the man.”  Well the Ravens will be geared up for a knockdown drag out fight Sunday. Both games against the Steelers has virtually come down to the final play. The OT FG by Jeff Reed way back in September and the Santonio Holmes overturned TD here in December. We owe these guys a major ass whipping. The Ravens need to take the crowd out of the game and get them to turn against the home team. They also need to remain focused and not get into the trash talking, chest bumping, pushing and shoving after plays, and they simply CANNOT let Hines Ward get into their heads. That kinda stuff seems to pump the Steelers up and gets that crowd riled into a frenzy. They always seem to score after something dumb by an opponent.

Yeah, they pretty much handled the Chargers easily last week and they appear to be a lot healthier than the Ravens right now, BUT…the Ravens aren’t the Chargers and I think they may be a little hungrier than the Steelers, especially for this game. We kinda owe them one, don’t ya think?

I dare say if the Steelers win Sunday, it’ll be miserable around here for quite a while. Whether or not they overachieved this season or not, whether we say we’re proud of them for getting this far and it’s ok if they lose, it’s really not OK. Not to the Steelers. Not THOSE guys. Anybody but THEM!!!!

Ravens 24 Pittsburgh 16