APRIL FOOL? No, it’s true!!

March 31, 2009 | Keith Melchior

There are six days remaining until baseball season opens here in Baltimore. Can you believe the Orioles  have only announced THREE pitchers in the starting rotation?  Guthrie, Koji, Simon, a player to be named, and another player to be named will be part of the starting rotation next week. Sounds to me like they have no idea who to throw out there next weekend. I am reminded of the saying from the old days, “Spahn and Sain then pray for rain.” Here’s one that may catch on around these parts, “Guthrie, Koji, Alfredo, OH NO!!!”

Hayden Penn stunk the place up this spring. He is out of options and will most likely be painting houses or stuffing grocery bags a week from now. This next statement sounds like the hopefuls of 2011; a guy the club was so high on a few years ago, a guy with a load of potential, a guy with great stuff, a guy with a promising future.Penn never was able to capitalize on the breaks he was given. Injuries jeopardized some of his opportunities and flat out bad pitching ruined the rest.  Alvie Shepard, Rocky Coppinger and Ken Dixon, move over, you have company coming.

I read today Gregg Zaun and Brian Roberts are dealing with a few nagging injuries. Roberts with a sore oblique muscle and respiratory illness, Zaun with a tight throwing arm. Great!  Now we have a catcher with a sore arm and no Matt Wieter’s in sight because the team is too stingy with their money and is STILL focused on the distant future. Wieters hit .333 this spring, while the 2 guys competing as Zaun’s backup aren’t even hitting a small child’s weight. H also had more total bases this spring than the other 4 catchers COMBINED!! Yet, he’ll start in the minors and be called up when things get way out of hand and implode 3 or 4 weeks from now.

There are no longer any guarantees where the Baltimore Orioles are concerned, except the guarantee of a 12th, yes that’s a 12th, straight losing season. I think Dave Trembley will be fired mid-season because the front office obviously is not giving him the opportunity to utilize the best 25 players from the 40 man roster.

So, all of you who are looking forward to that magical 2011 season and what it is “supposed” to bring, be careful what you wish for.