Are Manfra and Angel for real?

May 02, 2009 | Keith Melchior

Earlier today I graded the Orioles for the month of April. I also graded MASN and the flagship station. After watching the game tonight, I felt the need to write an addendum to that blog.

I had the game on TV tonight but had to step out for a few minutes just after the first Toronto batter was hit by a pitch. While driving I had the game on the radio. Dennis Sarfate just hit another Blue Jay batter and the plate umpire issued a warning to both teams.

I have never been a fan of Joe Angel and Fred Manfra and have stated that from time to time in previous blogs. What transpired after the Sarfate HBP is just another  reason I believe Angel and Manfra absolutely suck as announcers;

Immediately after the Toronto batter was hit by Sarfate’s pitch, the plate umpire came out and warned both teams, Angel and Manfra started their idiotic banter and started questioning why the plate umpire would choose to issue the warning at that particular time. It seemed rather obvious to me, a former umpire, that the plate umpire was doing his job and taking control of the game. He surely didn’t want a beanball war to break out with Toronto ahead at the time 6-2. It made perfect sense after the two Toronto batters were hit, yet no Oriole was hit by a pitch. It didn’t matter. The umpire wanted no retaliation by Roy Halladay or a Blue Jay reliever. It was the right call to make at the time, regardless of what Angel and Manfra think. They get paid a lot of money to do play by play, NOT to continually question the judgement of the umpires. When they start their clueless ad-libbing they accomplish nothing but immediately attempt to turn listeners against the umpiring crews like they are right and the umpires are wrong.  I’d love to see those two clowns go out and umpire a game or two. I think they’d be rather humbled by that experience and maybe, just maybe, they’d shut up once in a while when wanting to share their worthless opinions instead of calling the game in an unbiased manner, which is what they should be doing.

These two idiots have been doing play by play for how long?  What the heck are they watching up in the booth?