Are you __________ out?

August 07, 2008 | Keith Melchior

I know people are a little “Favre’d out” but weren’t we up to here with some other sports stories in the past? Its what makes discussing sports exciting for some especially when there’s nothing much else worthwhile happening.

Remember these? The bloody sock, the pine tar incident, Tim Doneghy, spy-gate, the Clemens affairs, Tom Brady’s knee, Steroids, HGH, the Congressional hearings, Barry Bonds, Sosa’s corked bat, Cowboy up, Manny being Manny, Ray a murderer, etc etc. Get ready for Brett’s Jets… you heard it here first.

These and other newsworthy incidents help take our minds off the ills of the real world and I know hearing about them day in and day out gets old very quickly. In fact the Favre thing was so dramatic I hardly noticed gas prices dropped almost 20 cents a gallon over the past 3 weeks. Wow..thanks Brett.

Inside information has it that Favre’s wife is having some difficulty in her recovery from cancer and he’d much rather have her in NY at Sloan Kettering than in Green Bay at St Vincents. I wish him well up there but still believe he’d have a better chance to win in Tampa Bay with Gruden than in NY.

Wow, I forgot the Ravens play the Patriots tonight. I can’t get into the NFL preseason. Exhibition football means absolutely nothing to me. I just hope the Ravens come away injury free after tonight. They’ve had enough dings and dents in camp.

I’ll share my thoughts on pro athletes when there’s nothing else worthwhile to discuss.