Are you happy with Cousins? I am

August 11, 2010 | John West

I haven’t gotten out to Westminster to watch the Ravens practice. I did get the chance to go to the practice at M&T Bank Stadium last Saturday. That was really fun. It is appreciated to get the sense from that entire organization that they are thankful to all of their fans.

I do listen to coach John Harbaugh’s press conferences on the radio everyday. I find the coach to generally be a disagreeable person. As Simon Cowell would say in his fully sarcastic British accent, “Sorry”. However, its preseason and coach is not yet in regular season mode, so I can tolerate listening to him now.

One of the things that coach has been pretty consistent with this preseason is how pleased coach Harbaugh has been with 3rd year tackle Oniel Cousins. (3rd round draft pick from UTEP). I couldn’t be happier, and pleasantly surprised. I think we all remember Cousins on the field last year. If that wasn’t an “F” performance, then it was darn close. All the physical tools are there, it just didn’t seem to be all coming together for him. If everything we are hearing is true then it looks like Cousins will start this Thursday night. GREAT. Thanks to Jared Gaither, we need Cousins to step up now.

This is also a chance to dump on Jared Gaither. In all the history, of all the sports, has the following statement every been true……”I know I am due for a big free agent contract with lots of guaranteed money, so in order to get that, I WON”T work hard and do a good job. But trust me, I will work hard ONCE I get paid.”

Good-bye Jared (and his agent Drew Rosenhaus). Working hard after you get paid is not playing like a Raven.