Are you in the “In Ozzie We Trust” club?

July 14, 2009 | Drew Forrester

With Derrick Mason’s sudden “retirement” on Monday (13 hours later, I’m still not buying it, but that’s neither here nor there), the Ravens appear to be in quite the bind with two months to go before the games start counting.

After all, they eschewed the opportunity to draft a high-profile wide receiver last April and they passed on the bend-over tactics of the Arizona Cardinals who were seeking a truckload of picks for Anquan Boldin. 

The only notable wide receiver addition to the team’s offense was on-again, off-again Kelley Washington.  He’s not quite the equivalent of the O’s signing Rich Hill and trying to convince us he’s going to be a major contributor, but it’s close.

Kelley Washington is NOT Anquan Boldin, that’s for sure.

But these are the days when Ozzie Newsome shines the brightest. 

There isn’t a panic button on the premises at 1 Winning Drive.  When things go haywire in Owings Mills, the front office — Newsome, Eric DeCosta, Pat Moriarty, etc. — rarely ever breaks a sweat with worry.  They just get to work an hour earlier, stay a couple of hours later…and figure something out.

They’ll figure it out.

If you’re in the “In Ozzie We Trust Club”, you’ll get the last laugh.

I doubt the club will sell their soul to the likes of Brandon Marshall or Plaxico Burress.  If they weren’t going to sell their soul to those two last month, I don’t think they’ll tuck their tail between their legs and bring one of those guys in now. 

It’s not in Ozzie’s nature to panic. 

And because of that — the Ravens are among the best franchises in the NFL. 

So, if you’re in “In the Ozzie We Trust Club” you’re going to get the last laugh.

Somehow, someway, the Ravens will turn out OK.

They always do.