Are You Ready ???

July 07, 2009 |

Well, for weeks, I’ve been promoting our fundraiser, “Curing Cancer ….. One Call At A Time” – the 24-Hour Marathon, benefiting Harbor Hospital’s HarborView Cancer Center.

And, it’s time to deliver …..

Over the next couple days, I will be providing regular updates regarding the guests and content comprising your weekend enjoyment. You already know myself and Jason Jubb are committed for the entire show, but we’re gonna get some on-air help from the WNST team, as well.

And, we’re also rolling out some pretty HEAVY HITTERS. I’m talking ALL STARS, CHAMPIONS AND HALL OF FAMERS !!!!


Well, you deserve it. And, Baltimore’s cancer patients deserve it. Besides, celebrities can attract involvement and awareness. And, it’s AWARENESS that can and will make the total amount of donations increase.

While we desire a fun experience, our primary goal is to get some work done and raise a significant amount of money for HarborView Cancer Center’s mission in treating Baltimoreans battling cancer.

We wanna WIN this challenge, and we’re enlisting the help of WINNERS to make it happen. So stay tuned to WNST and keep checking my blogs at, because the good news is coming very soon …..