As opening day approaches, how do you feel about the Ravens in 2008?

September 04, 2008 |

As I was walking around the campus of Towson University this morning, drudging through the daily routine that is graduate school, I saw many students wearing Redskins and Giants jerseys and couldn’t help but look upon them with resentment.

But I’m not jealous of Giants fans because their team won the Super Bowl. I’m jealous for a completely different reason. I’m purple with envy because even Redskins fans possess something I do not: excitement for the 2008 NFL season.

Not that I don’t look forward to trekking down to M&T Bank stadium with my dad/my friends (whoever can tolerate me that day)…I love going to football games and I still love the Ravens. I’m still going to watch every game and risk a mild heart attack every Sunday.

Never in the 12 years of Raven football have I looked at the start of the season with even the slightest hint of apathy. But this year, I’m finding it hard to be excited about the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s because I’m confused. I have no idea what’s going on with my football team. I’m finding it hard to trust the decisions they’re making.

This feels awfully familiar to me…I recall feeling like this ten years ago about a certain baseball team in town. It all started with the way the Brian Billick firing was handled and it continued with the quarterback circus this past weekend. I’m feeling a little uneasy.

The aspect of this team that confuses me the most is the way that the team has dealt with reporting injuries, especially injuries to the defensive backs. Considering we’re going up against Carson Palmer and All-Pro caliber receivers, the vagueness of the injuries and the lack of depth at the position could mean a long day for Ravens fans.  

Does anyone REALLY know what’s going on with Ed Reed’s neck/shoulder, Chris McAlister’s knee, and Troy Smith’s illness?

Who knows what to expect out of Samari Rolle with his medical condition?

Let’s not forget that two of our DBs are sidelined for this game for violating NFL personal conduct policy. Unfortunately, one of those DBs isn’t Frank Walker, who will most likely be making a mockery of the nickelback position on Sunday.

Do we really expect Cory Ivy to be able to cover TJ Houshmandzadeh and Chad Johnson for 4 quarters?

Another confusing facet of this team is the way this quarterback merry-go round was handled this past weekend. My head is still spinning…at one point I thought my team had six quarterbacks on the active roster! The Simms and Harrington rumors obviously didn’t pan out, but this weekend was a circus for the local sports media.

So this Sunday I’m going to tune in and, win or lose, look for a reason to get excited about Ravens football beyond 2008.

My prediction: the Bengals offense will be too much for a depleted Ravens secondary. Bengals 27 Ravens 19…

Feel free to post your thoughts/predictions in the comment box…