“Ask Drew” delayed until Wednesday

June 23, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I couldn’t post the Monday edition of “Ask Drew” yesterday because of the U.S. Open.  My contract with WNST includes a provision that allows me the discretion of not blogging on the day of any major championship in golf.**

Therefore, the wildly popular “Ask Drew” blog was set to return today.

That is, until Glenn Clark set my hair on fire at 6:20 am today with news of a quote from MASN’s Steve Melewski, who recently disparaged WNST via a social networking site.

I’ll unfortunately have to handle the Melewski situation via blog later today.

And I think Steve and Dave Johnson do an outstanding job with their coverage of O’s baseball on the flagship station.  In fact – and I’ve said this on the air BEFORE the flare-up – I think they might be the best one-two team talking O’s baseball “down the dial”.  That said, his comments about WNST’s relationship with the Orioles were off-base and I’ll handle that later on today at WNST.net.



**That’s not entirely true… my contract at WNST.net contains no such provision.  I was just busy yesterday and didn’t get a chance to put up “Ask Drew”.