“Ask Drew” returns — and it’s not nearly as futile as O’s baserunning

July 21, 2009 | Drew Forrester

In a rare Tuesday spotlight, one of America’s most popular blog entries returns today for your reading and contributing enjoyment.

Yes, it’s “Ask Drew”.

Here, you get to ask any question you want and I answer it.

I answer it honestly because we don’t pay the baseball team or football team a rights fee and we’re allowed to speak openly about both of them.

You can ask me anything you want, just don’t ask me about Michael Vick and whether or not he should be allowed back in the NFL now that his “confinement period” is over.  I’ve addressed this before and my feelings haven’t changed.  Michael Vick deserves the OPPORTUNITY to play in the NFL again.  It’s up to him — and a team — to make that happen.

And don’t ask me what the best debut album of any rock-n-roll band is/was.  It has always been “Van Halen” ever since the first day I heard “Jamie’s Cryin’…”

And it doesn’t make any sense to ask me about the Oscar Salazar/Cla Meredith trade.  I’ve said enough.  We gave up on a guy who can hit because we didn’t have the *patience* to give him a glove and a field position (what happened to…”we’re not gonna win anyway”?) and brought in the twin brother of Brian Bass or any other almost-qualified pitcher we’ve signed in the last two years.

Now, you can ask me anything else.

I have a free foursome at Renditions or an oil change at All Tune and Lube on Reisterstown Rd. to give to ONE of you who asks a question that gets answered.

We’ll draw the name on Wednesday’s show.

It could be you.

Just ask a question.

A good one, please.

Bad questions embarrass you.