Attendance figures

April 03, 2008 | Keith Melchior

At various times this week on WNST, I have heard comments surrounding the Orioles attendance figures. It has been a rather interesting subject for those of us who see an empty upper deck game after game.

The actual bodies seen in the stands may make it appear impossible to believe they can draw 2 million for the season. Bottom line is, they just need to average selling about 26,000 tickets per game to reach that figure.

The Orioles play the Yankees and Red Sox 19 times at home. Those teams  pretty much  can guarantee 45,000 per game.  45,000 times those 19 games equals 855,000.

Now, I’m using 2.1 million as a total attendance figure for a season. Subtract the 855,000 for the Yanks and Bosox 19 dates which leaves 1,245,000 to be divided by the remaining 62 home dates, or an average of 20,080 per.

To coin the phrase “It’s a very simple game,” Oriole Park at Camden Yards can be a little more than 54% of its capacity all season long and still hit 2 million tickets sold.

Class dismissed….