Baby Ethan is in the Bracket contest

March 19, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Even my 7 month old baby boy has “Bracket Fever” – as well as “Retriever Fever”. 

Ethan is officially in the WNST March Madness contest (team name: Baby Ethan) after completing his bracket earlier today.

Here’s how we did it.  He has four favorite toys:  a light blue bear, a plastic purple cup, an empty plastic bottle of Deer Park water and a rainbow colored teething ring.  Yeah, I know, that’s sort of a weird ensemble of play things, but who am I to say “no” when he has so much fun with the empty water bottle?

Anyway, for the left side of the bracket, I used the blue bear and the plastic purple cup.  The bear was the higher seed and the cup was the lower seed.  For the right side of the bracket, the water bottle was the higher seed and the teething ring was the lower seed.

I put the items behind my back and brought them out in front of him.  Whichever one he grabbed for and touched, I chose that team.

You can check out his full bracket (I assume) on-line somehow, but here are the details:

> He only had one #1 seed losing in the first round.  Evidently, Baby Ethan thinks Memphis is overrated and will fall to UT-Arlington.

> He has UMBC pulling off the upset of Georgetown on Friday.  Homer…lol

> His bracket really isn’t all that crazy for a 7-month old who doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Sure, it probably doesn’t resemble anyone else’s bracket, but he doesn’t have a 15 seed winning or anything like that.

> Ethan has three of the #2 seeds winning their first game and all of the #4 seeds winning their first game.

> The UMBC story ends in round 2 with a loss to Gonzaga.

> There is a bit of bad news.  He picked Duke to go to the Final Four.  I know, I know…what can I say, though.  When it’s YOUR son who picks Duke, it’s different for some reason.  lol

So, here’s Ethan’s Elite Eight: 

Washington State (4 seed), St. Joseph’s (11), Vanderbilt (4), Gonzaga (7), Michigan State (5), Marquette (6), Western Kentucky (12) and Duke (2). 

Not bad, huh?  I know it will never happen, but it’s not a complete train wreck-bracket.  The web-site says something about 53.7% “risk factor” whatever that means.  I don’t know if that means he has a 53.7% chance of getting ONE game right…or what…but that’s what it says.

Ethan’s Final Four:  Washington State, Gonzaga, Michigan State and Duke.

Championship game:  Battle of “The States”, with Michigan State beating Washington State.

I didn’t get the chance to coax a score out of him…he took a nap after the whole selection process.  So did I.