Back in the saddle again: 21 Questions Returns (Update: We’re going to OVERRRRR-TIME)

January 26, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Hello Old Friend.

It’s my favorite Eric Clapton song.

And it fits today, because “21 Questions” is back.

Like an old friend.

What else are we gonna do every Wednesday between now and next August? That’s why “21” is back. I can put this up every Wednesday, answer your questions, and have a meaningful exchange with people like you.

It’s either that or write about the Orioles. And since they haven’t answered one of the 9 e-mails I’ve sent since mid-December, I figure I’ll stick with you folks. At least you’re courteous enough to follow directions.

In case you’re a newcomer to the scene, here’s how it works: You ask a question via the Comments feature below. I answer the question. You check back later and read the answer I provide. You say, “It sure is a pleasure to have someone as professional as Drew answer my question for me.”

And that’s it.

No money changes hands. Occasionally I hand out a prize of some sort for people who ask questions, but I don’t have any prizes today. Sorry.

But don’t let that stop you. Ask away. Get your 15 minutes of fame. That’s worth more than money in some cases.

Thanks as always for participating. And if you decide NOT to post a question, I still appreciate the fact that you read this far. I’d give you a prize just for that if I could.

Oh, by the way, one rule: I’m NOT answering any questions about our President’s State of the Union address last night. I’m not one to pile on. Just ask the folks up at North Harford High School.

I’ll answer anything else though. Sports? Check. Music? Check. Wine? Check. Quotes from the movie “Training Day”? Check. Ask me anything.

OK, ready? Set.


(DF at 2:40 pm: So we’re at 28 questions and counting. I usually only take 21 Questions and then call it a day, since I don’t get time-and-a-half or overtime pay. But then I figured, “Ahh, what the hell. With all this snow coming, I can either sit here and plan for 3-hours of shoveling or I can answer all the questions. So I’ll take them all.)