Bad times in Buffalo

October 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

“Baltimore got our garbage because Willis is trash”. That’s what’s written on the t-shirts they’re selling in Buffalo. Whoa! Talk about having a civic inferiority complex, we’re talking major meltdown in Buffalo right now. If is any indication, the good folks in Snow City have the bitterness we had for Reggie Jackson, John Elway and Robert Irsay combined. I mean, they have this anti-Willis rap. Listen to the lyrics (Are the words to a rap called lyrics?) Anyway, the stuff they say on this tune are downright vicious.

If all this and the Bills 1-4 record weren’t enough to make a Bills fan cry consider this — The Bills might move to Toronto. True, the odds are against the NFL moving north of the border, but the Western New York fans fear that after their aging owner departs from the Buffalo sports scene, a local suitor won’t have the funds to match offers coming from Canada, Los Angeles or San Antonio.

There is already news that the Bills might play a preseason game at Rogers Centre in Toronto next year. That’s not all. There is the spectre of annually moving one regular season home game to Toronto.

Add it all up, bad feelings for Willis, a losing record, and a franchise that wants to date other cities.

Let’s hope it gets a little worse for Buffalo starting at 1 p.m. Sunday.