Baltimore Orioles Get Some Help From Above

June 19, 2008 |

Got this from a fan of WNST..

Good morning! While Jay Payton jokingly said that the Orioles should resort to animal voodoo to break the Sunday streak, the Pastoral Ministries team at Oak Crest Village offered their encouragement this week.

Enjoy reading your blogs on WNST!

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Oak Crest Village
“Sunday Supporters”…..Cheer On the Orioles

Pastoral Ministries Team Offers Encouragement for this Sunday’s Game at Milwaukee

With over 2,000 residents and 1,000 employees, Oak Crest Village has tons of folks that bleed orange and black for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

The Orioles are in the midst of a breakthrough season. A young, energetic team has captured the imagination of fans throughout Baltimore with timely hitting, a strong bullpen and a knack for late inning comebacks against teams like the Boston Red Sox and as recent as last night too.

Amazingly, though, the team has struggled with their games played on Sundays, having lost ten games in a row on that particular day.

While many theories and on-line polls abound as to why this streak is occurring, the Pastoral Ministries team of Oak Crest, along with employees and residents, came together to lend the Orioles a hand as “Sunday Supporters.”

Reverend Elmer Klein stated: “Many residents and staff of Oak Crest Village love the Orioles and follow their games everyday. As 2008 has been a very exciting season, we want to offer our encouragement to the players and coaches. So today Oak Crest is united as Sunday Supporters of the team. The Orioles play at Milwaukee this Sunday, and we hope they will resume their winning ways.”

Oak Crest Village’s “Sunday Supporters” encourage the Orioles. Oak Crest resident Carolyn Sibley, Reverend Trina D. Evans, Reverend Elmer Klein, Oak Crest Director of Philanthropy Todd Sullivan, Sister Danielle Murphy and Pastoral Ministries Manager Jim Truitt are some of the many supporters dem O’s have!

About Oak Crest Village: More than 2200 people live at Oak Crest Village, an Erickson full-service retirement community that promotes a vibrant lifestyle. Erickson Retirement Communities is one of the leading national developers of full-service retirement communities. Headquartered near Baltimore, MD, Erickson has built an innovative network of 21 communities that combine a maintenance-free active lifestyle with an ever-expanding host of amenities, social activities, and wellness and medical centers, proven to improve both physical and mental health. Erickson was named by FORTUNE as being one of the Top 100 “2008 Best Companies to Work For®.”

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