Baltimore Orioles

November 02, 2011 | Derek Halford

Woo hoo, congrats to Nick Markakis and Matt Wieters ! First time in 13 years, 2 oriole gold gloves. Matt Wieters is the first orioles catcher to get a gold glove.  Nick Markakis was very well deserving.

I’d rather have a winning season though. Yeah we are starting to have players get gold gloves but when are they going to come together and make it into a winning season.

Now with a new GM coming in, maybe we can make a splash into free agency instead of just using the players in the farm system. Pujols? no. Fielder? maybe. Prince Fielder’s name has been brought up a few times around the Orioles for the past 2 years and now that he’s hitting free agency, it’s time to see if we’ll get him. Maybe signing him will bring in other free agents.

What do you think about the gold gloves? What are you thinking about the new GM and what he’ll bring to the club?