Baltimore Pride Shines at Tuesday Night Premiere

October 07, 2009 | Tom Federline

The Band That Wouldn’t Die” – DO NOT MISS IT! Tape it, DVR it, do whatever you have to do, to view and keep for your video library. This is a documentary on the Baltimore Colts Marching Band/Baltimore’s Marching Ravens/History of the Baltimore Colts and Ravens. Baltimore’s own Barry Levinson produced it It is part of ESPN’s “30 in 30” Series, check out Pencil in next Thursday 10/15, 9:00 pm, ESPN2.

One of my best buds and I attended the festivities at Ravens Stadium last night and were pleasantly rewarded. From the moment we arrived, with the greeting of the Marching Ravens percussion section pounding out beats that echoed from the Johnny Unitas Plaza (North entrance) to the city limits. To standing on the field, twenty feet away from the full accompaniment of the Marching Ravens Band, providing one-half hour of a passion-filled, marching band arrangements. Me personally, digging thier rendition of “Radar Love” (Golden Earring). Then they finished out the set with the “Baltimore Colts Fight Song” (find it and play it!) and then the Ravens Fight Song. Little did the few hundred of us that were there, realize we were in the middle of experiencing a special event. Finally we sat down at the 45 yard line, right on the Ravens emblem, to view this “classic” documentary. It was shown on the East end zone big screen. Think about it……sitting on the playing field, with the lights dimmed, in an empty Ravens stadium that was seemingly enveloping us, watching a film on Baltimore football………..Are you kiddin’ me?.

As previously stated, I was priveledged to attend with a former Baltimore Colts Marching Band member – Mr. Jon Conner – 1977 and 1978, Alto-Sax, first line.


Note Mr. Conner proudly donning his authentic Baltimore Colts Marching Band Cowboy hat. While I’m sporting my – Beat Indy/Unitas t-shirt from the ’07 campaign.

Clear the cobwebs, get comfortable and get ready to recall some fond memories and some not-so-fond memories. It runs the whole emotional gambit. You will smile, you will laugh, you will say…”I was at such and such, or with so and so when…”. You will cringe,(highly recommend no loose objects close to you while viewing, because that object may be tossed towards the TV, upon some undesirable appearances). You may even get choked up. But the cool thing is………….when it’s all over……………you will beam with Baltimore pride. Don’t miss it!

Many thanks should go out, but here are a few: Thank you ESPN and Barry Levinson. Thank you Baltimore Colts Marching Band and Baltimore’s Marching Ravens. Thank you John Ziemann (Band President) and your entourage for your passion and proudly representing Baltimore.

And that ladies and gentlemen, “The Band That Wouldn’t Die”, is a prime example of D.I.Y.