Baltimore Snubbed Before/During & After Super Bowl XLVIII

February 03, 2014 | Marty Mossa

I could write a piece about last night’s game. But lets face it, there’s not much to write about. The game never seemed to be in question after twelve seconds into the game itself. What I want to talk about is the incredible disrespect the Baltimore Ravens received last night.

It actually started a year ago tonight as the confetti rained down on the Super Dome in New Orleans and the newly crowned World Champions Baltimore Ravens were presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Usually when a team wins a championship in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL; you get a constant diet of their team logo and players on commercials.

How many national commercials did we see Joe Flacco on? One; the McDonald chicken commercial. And he had to share the stage with Super Choker Colin Kapernick. How many national commercials did we see John Harbaugh on? None to my knowledge. Yet we were “blessed” in seeing his @$$h0le brother on a national commercial. Wes Welker was on an Old Spice commercial. He’s never even won a title; 0-3 in the big game. How many NFL property commercials have you seen where they show Steelers, Patriots, Colts and Cowboy attire but no Ravens? They even had one commercial with someone waving a Browns flag. BROWNS FLAG!!! really? We were WORLD CHAMPIONS and were treated like the NFL’s stepchild.

Last night after Percy Harman ran back the opening kick off of the second half; did they once mention that it was done a year ago by Raven Jacoby Jones? Did Troy Aikman or Joe Buck mention it? If they did, I missed it.

Here’s one of the biggest slap in the face to Ravens Nations; they had players coaches and of course owners (Bob Kraft/who else?) reciting the Declaration of Independence. When they showed the inside of the Indiana State House Chuck Pagano, a Colt player and Raymond Berry were reciting parts of it. Now did I miss something? But didn’t Ray Berry play with Johnny U in the 1958 Championship game when the BALTIMORE Colts beat the Giants in the “greatest” game ever played? Shame on you Ray Berry for appearing as an Indianapolis Colt. Would it have been so difficult to have the World Champs represented in that commercial. Perhaps they could had John Harbaugh, Ray rice and Joe Flacco at Fort McHenry. We should have been represented. Up until 10pm last night, the Ravens were still Super Bowl Champs.

And finally I turned on ESPN after the game. I forget who the reporter was but he was interviewing Richard Sherman. He asked Sherman if this year’s Seattle Seahawks defense compared to the “Iron” Curtain (Steelers 1974-1979), The “85” Bears defense, or the no name defense? Not once did he mention the 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense.

I know I am whining here. But come on America, how many more championships does the Baltimore Ravens have to win to get recognition?

5-5-1 against the spread in postseason
7-7 in Super Bowl Props Bets
23 games under .500 for 2013 season