Baltimore Sports Memories

April 29, 2009 |

I wanted to share my all time great moments in Baltimore sports history.

1) September 01, 1996: Our return to the NFL! I wonder what old Tags thought of our museum. I waited so long for this day. I purchased season tickets when it was rumored Art Model was moving the Browns. It was my turn to treat my Dad to a game. I got sunburned sitting in the Aluminum bleacher seats and didn’t care. We beat the Raiders 19-14. I missed the first two days of my vacation to the Outer Banks and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

2) Winning the Super Bowl XXXV. Total domination! No need to say any more.

3) Dec 31, 2000. Shannon Sharpe’s TD catch against the Broncos to start our Super Bowl run. Sam Gash crushed Bill Romanowski to spring Sharpe free. The New Years Eve party started early that day.

4) The Ravens 27-0 beat down of the Steelers on Nov 26, 2006. The Ravens sacked Big Ben 9 times. Bart Scott almost decapitated Rothlisberger in the 2nd qtr. I almost felt sorry for him. Then I came to my senses and remembered he was a Steeler!

1) 1977 Playoff loss to the Raiders. The game was blacked out & I had to listen to the game on the radio. Chuck Thompson & Vince Bagli brought the game to life. I thought for sure we were going to the Super Bowl.

2) 1978 Joe Washington’s 3 TD explosion against the Patriots on MNF. He ran for a touchdown, threw for a touchdown, and returned a kick for a touchdown on a nasty, rainy night. He was one of the few bright spots, during a very disappointing season. I got to watch the game on my own TV.

3) 1975 Miami vs. Colts in the “Fog” game. As the game progressed the fog got thicker. I don’t remember watching it on TV, maybe my Dad turned it off because we couldn’t see. We listened to the game on the radio. Toni Linhart kicks the game winning FG in OT. The Colts were finally winners when I could remember it!

1) The closing of Memorial Stadium. I shared the 13 game Sunday plan with my friend Steve Webster. Luckily, the last game was included in our ticket package. When Brooks came out of the dugout it was great! As the players filed out of the dugout, memories of past games ran through my mind and I was a kid again. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

2) 2130 & 2131- Cal Ripken ties and breaks Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game streak. As soon as the strike was settled another friend of mine, John Anagnos, figured out what would be the record tying and breaking games. He went and bought some bleacher seats and invited me to go. Two great nights that saved baseball. Cal did not disappoint either night. Sweet Pete’s speech was way too much. Man it’s nice to have such good friends!

3) Thanks Brooks Day – My dad took my sister and I to the game. We had a great day. We got to buy a program, hotdogs, and a soda. We booed Lee Mac Phail for upholding the forfeit in Toronto. What a great tribute to Mr. Oriole. The funniest part of the tribute was when Lee May brought out the vacuum cleaner. I don’t remember much of the game except we lost.

4) 1983 World Series Champs! Cal catches the final out. We won a World Series that I can remember. It made the pain of 1979’s loss a distant memory.

Looking back we have been spoiled with the great announcers we’ve had calling Baltimore sports. I think our announcers, Ernie Harwell, Chuck Thompson, Bill O’Donnell, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, John Lowenstein, Charley Eckman, and Vince Bagli stack up against announcers in any city anywhere.