Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts: 30 Year Analysis

March 29, 2014 | Marty Mossa

Well 30 years ago today the Baltimore Colts departed Maryland for Indiana. It’s hard to believe that thirty NFL football seasons have passed since that snowy night in March 1984. The Baltimore Colts played at Memorial Stadium from 1953 to 1983; 31 seasons.

The Indianapolis Colts has played in the Hoosier State from 1984 to present, some 30 seasons. After the 2015 season, the Colts will have been in Indy longer than they were in Baltimore.
But actually believe it or not, the Colts have played more games in Indianapolis than in Baltimore. From 1953 to 1983, the Colts played 423 regular season games in Maryland. The Colts went 222-194-7 (.533). By comparison, the Indy Colts have played 479 regular season games. They are 253-226 thru 30 seasons (528).

The Baltimore Colts only played in fifteen postseason games. They were 8-7. This includes three world titles; 1958, 1959 & Super Bowl V Champs. They lost the 1964 NFL Championship game to Cleveland, and Super Bowl III to the New York Jets.

Indy has played in 26 playoff games going 12-14. They have been to two Super Bowls; they beat the Bears in SB XLI & lost in SB XLIV.

The Baltimore Colts fielded 10 coaches from 1953-1983. The Colt of Indy has fielded 12 coaches.
The reason the Indy Colts have played more games in less seasons was due to the fact that from 1984 to present the Colts played 16 game seasons. That is with exception to the 1987 replacement player strike year when they played 15 games.

The Baltimore Colts played 12 games from their inception until the early sixties. The season expanded by two games through the 1977 season. From 1978 thru the 1983 season they played sixteen games, with exception to the 1982 strike shortened year where they played nine games.

It’s hard to believe the Colts have been in the Mid-West for as long as they have. It’s even harder to believe that they have played more games in Indy than here. The town folk here are still bitter to this day thirty years later.

Since that snowy night in 1984:
• Baltimore was snubbed by the NFL’s expansion in 1993.
• The Ravens came in 1996.
• The Ravens have made the playoffs nine times in 18 years.
• They have appeared in four AFC Title Games
• They have appeared in and won two Super Bowls.

Even with all the success of the Ravens in a relatively short time, there’s still much bitterness toward Bob Irsay and Indy. It’s very scaring to think how bitter people would still be if the Ravens never came here.