Baltimore’s Own Wins NCAA 3 Point Contest

April 04, 2008 |

The 20th Annual NCAA 3 Point Competition and Slam Dunk Contest was held tonight in San Antonio, Texas. Baltimore’s own Darnell Harris (St Frances) of LaSalle University won the Men’s 3 Point contest and then the overall 3 Point contest.

Darnell beat Chris Lofton of Tennessee in a close finals matchup. Then he beat Georgia Tech’s Chioma Nnomaka, the women’s champion, in the overall competition.

The Slam Dunk Contest was rather boring this year with alot of missed dunks. Arkansas’s Sonny Weems won in the finals over Texas A&M Corpus Cristi’s Will Bullard. Bullard was a special invite to the contest and was awesome!! Bullard started with jumping over one person, then next jumped over two people and ended in the finals with a jump over three people lined up in front of the basket.

Sonny Weems was hands down the best in the slam dunk contest. His foul line take off point dunk in the semi-finals brought back memories of Dr. J and MJ. He was consistent throughout the whole competition.

The best dunk of the night, I thought, was by Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing Jr.. The behind the back in mid air to the left hand dunk was incredible. But it was not enough to put him into the semi-finals.

James Gist of Maryland made it into the semi-finals of the Slam Dunk Contest and finished 4th when he missed his final dunk attempt.