Baseball is Back or is it?

April 11, 2010 |

In Baltimore, it has become popular to take shots at the Orioles. I know all the lines, Peter Angelos has ruined the team, the team doesn’t respect the fan base, they don’t spend the money, yadda, yadda, yadda! I’ve heard every reason that so called Orioles fans use for why they won’t pay much attention, yet these are the same people who always have something negative to say.

It is frustrating for anyone who has been a fan of the Orioles, but I just find it hypocritical. On one hand your frustrated and fed up and never gonna pay the team any attention. On the other hand you talk about how disgusted you are when the team loses a game. The season is only 5 games long, and already the complaining and whining have become regular talk around town.

Baseball is such a grinding sport, they basically play from late winter into the fall, including spring training. Teams will go through stretches where things are going well, others where things aren’t so well. The Orioles haven’t garnered enough good will over the years for the fans to accept any stretch of losing.

I am the eternal optimist. I always believe, that my teams have a fighting chance in the beginning of the season. I always believe the Orioles, and Ravens are gonna be in the thick of things every year, and I watch and support all the way through the season, because they are my teams.

I stay with the Orioles even more so because, i’ve had them longer. I’m not one of these people who pit the teams against one another, I happen to support both teams equally regardless of their win/loss records.