Baseball people: “Tom Kelly in Baltimore?”

September 29, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’ve now heard three different people in the last four weeks or so — all independent of one another — throw the name Tom Kelly out there as someone they’re hearing could be running the Orioles in 2010.

When I hear “a name” from someone, I usually just file it away somewhere in the back corner of my brain.  When I hear the same name from a different source, my ears perk up a little bit.  When I hear that name for a third time — particularly when all three people are not associated with each other — I start to wonder if maybe there’s something to it.  I guess you can use this old axiom…but end it with a question mark:  “Where there’s smoke…there’s fire”??

Kelly, of course, has a connection to Andy MacPhail.  Kelly was the manager in Minnesota from 1986-2001 and MacPhail ran the Twins from 1985-1994.

The fate of Dave Trembley should be determined sometime next Monday.  Whether or not the O’s exercise his 2010 option is anyone’s guess, but it appears that “baseball people” have heard Kelly’s name mentioned as Trembley’s successor.

One of the local “team associates” I spoke with doesn’t think Kelly would be a good fit here but concedes a change needs to be made.  “No disrespect at all to the job Dave has done, but they need someone in there with a lot more experience and more understanding of how to do things in today’s game that help you win the game three days from now.  I don’t know if Kelly’s the right guy, either, but he does have the track record.”

Kelly, 59, has a career record of 1140-1244 and was the manager of two Twins’ World Series teams (1987-1991).