baseball Trivia

July 21, 2008 |

These are tough. At least, I think they’re tough and I’m a baseball nerd. These aren’t intended to make you feel stupid. These are more along the lines of stump your buddies and win free beers. That is if you have buddies who don’t read And if you do, are they really friends worth having?
Half of them are Oriole questions and half of them are baseball in general. The answers are in the previous blog.
  1. What present day player set the Major League record for fewest days in the majors to reach 40 home runs?
  1. What Oriole pitcher earned the save in Cal’s 2131 game?
  1. Who was the last Yankee starting pitcher to be named to the American League All-Star team?
  1. Of the thirty-five players who have homered in four consecutive at bats, two of them were Orioles. Who were they? (Hint: One was from the 70’s and one the 90’s)
  1. The last pitcher to beat Curt Schilling in a post-season game was also the last pitcher to beat Josh Beckett in a post-season game. Who was he?
  1. What former Oriole drove in the first run of the first interleague game?
  1. Of the twelve players in MLB history to have 200 homers, 300 stolen bases, and 400 doubles, only one has played in 2008. Who is he?
  1. Since 2000, the Orioles have had four pitchers win at least 14 games in a season. Who are they?
  1. On July 4th of this year, a Major League team’s 6-7-8-9 hitter were: Wes Bankston, Carlos Gonzalez, Donnie Murphy, and Jack Hannahan. Name the team.
  1. Since the start of the 2007 season, five men have played in the majors who played for the Orioles in the days before Camden Yards. Name them.