BCS Power Rankings 10/22

October 23, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Conference Rankings:


2-Pac 10

3-Big Ten

4-Big 12


6-Big East




——-(team above has re-established themselves as the best team in the best conference)




——-(teams above are all still competing for a potential 2nd BCS berth)


6-South Carolina





——-(teams above are competing for the rest of the bowl bids, teams below will not)

11-Mississippi State

12-Ole Miss

Les Miles’ play call at the end of the LSU-Auburn game is worth more than just one win. With another tough test at Alabama looming in 2 weeks, the Tigers will have a great attitude throughout the bye. Also, Les Miles showed his team that he believed in them, and for a team that wants to play for a national championship, there is nothing bigger than that. Florida made a statement in their win over Kentucky, but didn’t quite move into the top tier of the league because they have 2 losses and one of them came to LSU. At the bottom of the league, I’m not saying that Vanderbilt is written in stone in tier 2, and Arkansas is SERIOUSLY in danger of falling into the bottom tier.

Pac 10:



2-Arizona State




——-(teams above are unbelievably all still playing for a BCS berth)

6-Oergon State



——-(teams above will fight it out to try to get remaining bowl berths, teams below will not)

9-Washington State


I have seen FAR too much of Arizona State to buy into them as the best team in the Pac 10. Unfortunately, I have also seen far too much Pac 10 “defense” to not believe they COULD be the best team in the Pac 10. I don’t think I was the only so-called “expert” who didn’t even grasp that UCLA was still undefeated in league play; and they are still very much a part of the Pac 10 title picture.

Big Ten:


1-Ohio State


——-(teams above are clearly the best in the Big Ten)

3-Penn State



——-(teams above will compete for New Year’s Day bowls)




9-Michigan State

——-(teams above will compete for final Bowl berths)


——-(team above is not good, team below is historically bad)


I was really tempted to drop the Big Ten lower in the conference standings, as Minnesota’s loss was HISTORICALLY bad. Ohio State alone, despite their turnover problems against Michigan State, keeps the Big Ten in the upper half of BCS conferences, but they are certainly in danger. Michigan is still alive and well for BCS consideration, as they can even lose a game as long as they beat Ohio State at home. I’m sticking with the Buckeyes and their dominant defense, as well as their more-than-able playmakers at RB and WR.

Big 12:








5-Oklahoma State

6-Texas Tech


7-Texas A & M


9-Kansas State



11-Iowa State


Nebraska is VERY bad. They’re really fortunate that I didn’t move them into the bottom tier of this league, especially considering that Iowa State played much better than they did on Saturday. Oklahoma is still the best team in the league, but a freshman QB makes me feel shaky about them not taking a 2nd loss. Texas was impressive, and Kansas just keeps winning-but their losses will come.



1-Virginia Tech

2-Boston College

——-(teams above are clearly the best in the league)


4-Wake Forest

——-(teams above are ready to step in should the top 2 teams falter)



7-Georgia Tech

——-(teams above are still in good bowl position)


9-Florida State

——-(teams above will try to salvage a bowl berth, teams below will absolutely not)

10-North Carolina

11-North Carolina State


This week’s matchup between BC and VT will certainly determine who holds the Number 1 spot in the league next week, although I think those teams will end up seeing each other again in Jacksonville, as I don’t think Virginia or Wake Forest is as good. Miami may have beat Florida State, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a bowl will pick them over the ‘Noles if they stay within a game of each other in the standings.

Big East:


1-South Florida

2-West Virginia

——-(teams above are still the best in the league, and could be headed to the BCS)




——-(teams above are still in good bowl position)




No one REALLY expected South Florida to be playing for the national championship, but they can still go BCS-ing if they win out. UConn made a statement against Louisville-its just unfortunate that the statement involved a disputed FAIR CATCH of all things. And Pitt must have heard the bad things I said about them, because they were ready to play against Cincinnati.

BCS Projections:


BCS National Championship Game Presented by Allstate (Jan 7, New Orleans)

Ohio State vs. LSU

I am starting to believe that Ohio State could lose a game and still play here, as long as its not the Michigan game. If they were to lose to Penn State this weekend, but rally to beat Michigan; I think they could still make it to this game. LSU might even still be able to make it here with 2 losses, but I don’t think they will.

FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan 3, Miami)

Virginia Tech vs. South Florida

I’m going to keep this game the same, as I still think Virginia Tech will beat Boston College in Blacksburg on Friday night, and I think they’ll win the ACC Title. South Florida lost their margin for error, but UConn won’t stay undefeated in the Big East, so I think they’re okay.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan 2, Glendale)

USC vs. Hawaii

Still the same here as well. USC looked just fine against Notre Dame, and I think the Fiesta Bowl won’t mind seeing them in Glendale. I thought about replacing USC with Arizona State, but the Fiesta Bowl would probably rather have USC and the money they will spend to travel here. Hawaii still has tests ahead of them, but I’m going to keep them here until they lose.

Allstate Sugar Bowl (Jan 1, New Orleans)

Texas vs. West Virginia

Also still the same. Texas has an easy road to finishing with only 2 losses. West Virginia should be able to get through the rest of their schedule without losing again. This is a really intriguing matchup, The Sugar Bowl is rooting for this.

Rose Bowl Presented by Citi (Jan 1, Pasadena)

Oregon vs. Oklahoma

The only bowl pick I’ve changed today. Does this matchup sound familiar? This was a matchup in San Diego a couple years back. Oregon replaces Cal as the Bears dropped the ball against UCLA. Oregon has the most talent in the Pac 10, and gets ASU at home. Oregon could lose another game and still make it here in my estimation.

Questions? Thoughts? Arguments? Just let me know.