BCS Power Rankings 11/26

November 27, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Conference Standings:

2-Big 12
3-Big Ten
4-Pac 10
6-Big East


——- (all teams above are BCS eligible)
——- (teams above will get better Bowls……two will play on New Year’s Day)
7-Mississippi State
——-(teams above are safely Bowling)
10-South Carolina
——-(teams above are scratching for any Bowl berths left; season over for teams below)
12-Ole Miss

I’ve heard a lot of the word “failure” tossed around in the last day or two when it comes to LSU, but I don’t believe any of that crap. LSU has done something that good teams will have happen to them. They’ve lost two games to other Bowl teams that were so close it took multiple overtimes to determine a winner. That happens to good teams sometimes. LSU will still go BCS-ing, as even if they were to lose the SEC Championship Game; the Orange Bowl would want them. Tennessee must win to get to the BCS, and Georgia must get a Tennessee loss (which will probably happen). The Arkansas saga is unforgivable. This program is clearly clueless as to what they should be able to expect. Houston Nutt deserved better than just an offer that merely saves face for the school. South Carolina and Alabama will almost certainly find bowl destinations (one of them will take the place of a league that couldn’t supply enough teams); but they’d have no one to blame but themselves if they didn’t. They had their chances. Vanderbilt needed only to beat Wake Forest, but instead will take a vacation until Spring after a season of serious promise.

Big 12:

——- (two of the teams above will go to the BCS)
5-Texas Tech
6-Texas A&M
——- (teams above are now waiting for Bowl destinations; Gator Bowl a possibility)
7-Oklahoma State
——- (teams above will get remaining bowl berths, teams below go home)
10-Kansas State
11-Iowa State

If Missouri wins the Big 12 Title, they and Kansas will go to the BCS. If Oklahoma wins, I believe the Sooners and Tigers will both go; and Kansas will go to the Cotton Bowl. The Gator Bowl will be in a predicament in either scenario. Texas will likely be available to the Gator Bowl, and would probably be more appealing than UConn or even South Florida out of the Big East. Kansas State and Nebraska once again only have themselves to blame or being left out of the Bowl picture. Each won some decent games, but each failed to secure just one more win.

Big Ten:

1-Ohio State
——- (team above is IN the BCS; could play for National Title)
——- (team above COULD be in BCS, will definitely plan on or after Jan 1)
——- (teams above could either or both be playing on Jan 1; Michigan needs help)
5-Penn State
——- (team above is comfortably Bowling)
6-Michigan State
——- (not all eligible teams above are guaranteed to Bowl, team below was done in August)

Nothing changes here obviously. Illinois benefits a bit from the continued failures of teams in the Pac-10 NOT named USC; and could get into the BCS now with the Fiesta Bowl really wanting nothing to do with ASU. Should Illinois get in, Michigan would then play into a New Year’s Day game in Tampa. If Illinois goes to Orlando, Michigan will have to hope for a REALLY big Outback gift card as a going away gift for Lloyd Carr.


——- (team above is Rose Bowl bound as long as they take care of business)
2-Arizona State
3-Oregon State
——- (teams above are all Bowling; ASU could even still have a shot at BCS-ing)
——- (team above needs one more win to Bowl)
8-Washington State

Do you get puzzled more and more every time you think about the fact that Stanford won at USC this season? Me too. I think Arizona will beat ASU, as the Devils can easily suffer a hangover from the de-pants-ing they received at the hands of the Trojans. Oregon’s slip could be monumental. Expect the Beavers to win the Civil War on top of everything thus far.


1-Virginia Tech
2-Boston College
——- (one of the teams above will go to the Orange Bowl)
——- (teams above are in good Bowl position)
5-Wake Forest
6-Florida State
——- (teams above will likely end up in Charlotte/Nashville)
7-Georgia Tech
——- (teams above will either Bowl in San Francisco or Boise, teams below are out)
9-NC State
11-North Carolina

I still have to believe that Virginia Tech will beat Boston College for the ACC Title, so the Bowls will fall in line from there. Georgia Tech’s Coaching situation will probably help Maryland move past them in Bowl positioning. Clemson could easily move past BC in Bowl standing should BC lose the Championship Game; as Clemson will travel better than the Eagles.

Big East:

1-West Virginia
——- (team above will AT LEAST be in BCS; has a very good chance of playing for title)
3-South Florida
——- (teams above have a shot of playing in Gator Bowl if Big East gets bid)
——- (teams above are comfortably Bowling)
——- (team above needs clutch win in primetime just for Bowl eligibility, unlike teams below)

West Virginia needs only to beat Pitt at home to play for a national championship that seemed a long way off in October. I can honestly say that I’m a bit uncomfortable with the idea of a team who will play only 7 conference games against no significant competition AND whose best non-conference wins came against Mississippi State and Maryland (combined 13-11), but rules are rules. If WVU wins, they’ll play for the title. Pitt would LOVE to have the opportunity to spoil the season, and Pitt can score. They have no prayer of slowing the ‘Eers down; so they’ll have to hope or WVU to stumble on their own. South Florida is a MORE attractive option than UConn for the Gator Bowl; but Texas probably looks like Jessica Alba in comparison to the Big East teams. Louisville still needs one more win-on the road at Rutgers-just to have a prayer of Bowl eligibility.


If Missouri and West Virginia win; they play for the National Championship. If one team loses, Ohio State gets in. If both teams lose; here’s how the rest stack up…..

2-Virginia Tech
7-Boston College
8-Arizona State

BCS National Championship Game (Jan 7, New Orleans)
West Virginia vs. Ohio State

Yes, I’m backing off my Pitt over WVU pick. I’m probably doing that only because I want to see SOME sort of honesty in a National Championship Game this year. It might be that people believe a team behind these two is BETTER than they are, but it can’t be argued that one of these teams would have fairly won a National Championship. I can’t honestly pick Missouri to beat a healthy Oklahoma team; as the Sooners are head and shoulders better.

FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan 3, Miami)
Virginia Tech vs. Georgia

The Fiesta Bowl is probably rooting for Boston College, as Virginia Tech would likely bring a fairly good contingency to Arizona if the Hokies were to be replaced by the Eagles in the Orange Bowl. However, I believe the Hokies will win the ACC title, and will end up in Miami. Georgia gets in as long as LSU beats Tennessee in the SEC title game.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan 2, Glendale)
Oklahoma vs. Illinois

The Fiesta Bowl is in a SERIOUS pickle. Oregon was their fallback plan, but Oregon is TERRIBLE. They REALLY don’t want Arizona State, but if a 2 loss ASU team is sitting there with no other solid options, they may be forced to take the Devils to save face in the community. Trust me when I say that the Fiesta Bowl committee will be secretly wearing their Arizona Wildcats t-shirts underneath their suits this Saturday at Sun Devil Stadium. I’ll pick U of A to win, and the Fiesta Bowl to be forced to take the Illini. There’s a part of me that wonders if the Fiesta Bowl would stretch and take Hawaii here just to keep from having to pick ASU.

Allstate Sugar Bowl (Jan 1, New Orleans)
LSU vs. Hawaii

With the Sugar Bowl having the last pick, it is presumed that they will be stuck with Hawaii. LSU-Hawaii could be a pretty entertaining matchup. The crazier thought is what the Sugar Bowl would do should all of my previous scenarios play out AND Hawaii was to lose to Washington. I guess a 3 loss Boston College or Arizona State would almost have to end up in the game, but its not a pretty thought. The EVEN WORSE case scenario would be Tennessee beating LSU.

Rose Bowl Presented by Citi (Jan 1, Pasadena)
USC vs. Missouri

Like the Fiesta Bowl, the Rose Bowl committee will certainly be secretly wearing t-shirts this weekend as well. Theirs will have the logos of West Virginia and Missouri however, as they are rooting for Ohio State to fall back to Pasadena. Missouri is NOT the team they want in this game. Again, there could be a worse scenario for the Rose Bowl, as UCLA is not eliminated from ending up in Pasadena.

Heisman Top 5:
Colt Brennan, Hawaii
Darren McFadden, Arkansas
Tim Tebow, Florida
Chase Daniel, Missouri
Pat White, West Virginia