BCS Power Rankings 11/7

November 08, 2007 | Glenn Clark

Conference Standings:

3-Big Ten
4-Big 12
6-Big East


1. LSU
——- (team above is CLEARLY the best team in the SEC)
2. Auburn
3. Georgia
4. Tennessee
5. Florida
6. Alabama
——- (teams above are all still alive to play for the SEC Championship)
7. South Carolina
8. Kentucky
9. Arkansas
——- (teams above should still be in position to go bowling)
10. Mississippi St.
11. Vanderbilt
——- (teams above are PRAYING for the opportunity to go bowling, but will probably need some at large berths to open up; team below has absolutely zero chance)
12. Ole Miss

LSU kept from allowing UTTER chaos in this league by rallying against Alabama. They should have a fairly easy ride to the SEC Championship now, but Arkansas’ return to glory this weekend may make their Thanksgiving Friday showdown a little more interesting. Auburn can stay alive for BCS at-large consideration by beating Georgia; but every other team in the league would have to win the SEC Championship Game to go BCS-ing. South Carolina can move back into Tier 2 with a win over Florida.


1. Oregon
——- (team above set themselves apart from the rest of the league; a title is there’s to lose)
2. Arizona St.
3. USC
——- (teams above are still alive for BCS consideration)
4. Cal
6. Oregon St.
——- (teams above should still somehow get bowl eligible, teams below will need minor miracles)
7. Arizona
8. Stanford
9. Washington St.
10. Washington

Oregon put themselves in REALLY good position to win the Pac-10 at this point. They have a Thursday night showdown at Arizona and a trip to UCLA on the horizon; before finishing with the Civil War in Eugene. ASU and USC will be playing on Thanksgiving in Tempe with a BCS at-large bid likely on the line. Other leagues should root to make sure that none of the bottom 4 teams get bowl eligible; and I don’t expect any of them too.

Big Ten:

1. Ohio State
——- (team above is clearly the best team in the league)
2. Michigan
——- (team above REMARKABLY still has a chance to go BCS-ing)
3. Illinois
4. Wisconsin
5. Penn State
6. Purdue
——- (teams above are all still alive for New Year’s Day bowling)
7. Iowa
8. Indiana
9. Michigan St.
10. Northwestern
——- (teams above are competing for remaining bowl berths, team below is hopeless)
11. Minnesota

Ohio State is not only the best team in the league; they are clearly the best team in the country. I actually don’t think they have much room to improve either. They’re just plain good. Even when SLIGHTLY tested by Wisconsin, they responded by running off 28 unanswered points to close the game. There’s nothing else to say about the Buckeyes; they’re just good. Illinois has the last chance to knock them off before Michigan, but don’t expect it to happen. This is Ohio State’s league. Much like the ACC, there are 4 teams in this league that need to root for others to keep from getting bowl eligible.

Big 12:

1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas
3. Texas
4. Missouri
——- (teams above are all still alive for BCS bids)
5. Texas Tech
——- (team above is safely bowling, but cannot move up)
6. Oklahoma State
7. Kansas State
8. Texas A & M
9. Colorado
——- (teams above can all still go bowling, teams below are staying home)
10. Nebraska
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor

I know Kansas is undefeated, but Oklahoma is still the premiere team in this league. They clearly have the most talent, and they are clearly the team to beat. Texas has no prayer of winning the Big 12, but can still get to the BCS as long as Oklahoma wins the league or loses twice. Texas Tech is the only other team outside the Top 4 that can be comfortable in its bowl eligibility. Teams 6-9 could fail to get eligible, or could get eligible and still not go bowling.


1. Boston College
2. Virginia Tech
3. Virginia
4. Clemson
5. Wake Forest
6. Florida State
7. Georgia Tech
8. Miami
9. Maryland
10. NC State
11. North Carolina
12. Duke

Boston College may have lost, but they are still on a collision course to meet Virginia Tech for the ACC Championship. Virginia and Clemson are still alive for Division titles, Wake Forest is as well, but they have a longer shot. Maryland’s loss to North Carolina all but ends their bowl chances, but NC State COULD sneak into bowl eligibility as they are getting better as the season goes on. Florida State doesn’t want to have to go to the West Coast like they did last year, and their win over BC will help them.

Big East:

1. West Virginia
2. UConn
——- (teams above are battling for league title)
3. Cincinnati
4. South Florida
5. Rutgers
6. Louisville
——- (teams above should still have a chance to go bowling, teams below will not)
7. Pitt
8. Syracuse

West Virginia is OBVIOUSLY the class of this league; even if UConn is undefeated. That will end no later than November 24 in Morgantown. West Virginia is now playing for any remaining chance at the National Championship, but the league’s inability to produce other elite teams will hurt WV in their hopes. South Florida is the only team with a win over WV, which will help them come bowling time.

(Again, we know this is impossible, this is just purely hypothetical. Also, we know that who the undefeated teams lose to would affect this. So forget about that too.)

1. LSU
2. Ohio State
3. Oklahoma
4. Oregon
5. West Virginia
6. Missouri
7. Arizona State
8. Boston College
9. Kansas
10. Hawaii
11. Boise State

BCS Projections:

BCS National Championship Game (January 7, New Orleans)
Ohio State vs. LSU

If you can’t tell that these are clearly the two best teams in the entire country, then I don’t know what you’re watching. Until any of that changes, I’m not changing my national championship game.

FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan 3, Miami)
Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

No change here either. I still think Virginia Tech is the most complete team in the league, and I think they will prove that in the ACC Championship game to advance to the Orange Bowl. Boston College eliminated themselves from at-large consideration by losing to Florida State. If they beat VT, they’ll be in this game.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan 2, Glendale)
USC vs. Hawaii

Just another case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I still think USC will beat ASU on Thanksgiving, and that will propel them into this game. Frankly, sources close to the Fiesta Bowl have told me they DO NOT WANT Arizona State in this game-much for the reasons I speculated-they know they’ll sell tickets; they need to sell travel.

Allstate Sugar Bowl (Jan 1, New Orleans)
Texas vs. Auburn

As I’ve said before; a lack of quality two loss teams from major conferences will help Texas get here; and either Kansas or Missouri will be coming off a loss in the Big 12 Championship game. Auburn represents the SEC; if Georgia beats them this weekend, they’ll take over this spot temporarily. It will remain difficult for a SEC East to go BCS-ing unless they somehow beat LSU in the Championship Game. But the strength of the SEC alone SHOULD get a 2nd team in.

Rose Bowl Presented by Citi (Jan 1, Pasadena)
Oregon vs. Oklahoma

They would love to get Michigan or Ohio State; but trust me the Rose Bowl will deal with this match-up; as would all of the rest of us nationwide. Again, these are teams 3 & 4 in line for the National Championship; so a loss up top screws all of this up.

Heisman Top 5:
Colt Brennan, QB, Hawaii
Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon
Todd Boeckman, QB, Ohio State
Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas