BCS Power Rankings

October 19, 2007 | Glenn Clark

I will be doing one of these each week, but I will normally post these on Mondays. I’m really excited about talking to everyone in Baltimore again, I miss you guys terribly. South Florida’s loss to Rutgers didn’t change anything in my rankings-as I had picked the Bulls to lose. 

Conference Rankings:

3-Big Ten
4-Big 12
6-Big East


1. LSU
2. Kentucky
————- (teams above will play for SEC Title)
3. Auburn
4. Florida
5. South Carolina
6. Tennessee
7. Georgia
————- (teams above will be bowl eligible; one could steal a BCS berth)
8. Arkansas
9. Alabama 
————- (teams above will compete for final bowl berths, below will not)
10. Vanderbilt
11. Ole Miss
12. Mississippi State                 

Kentucky MAY have beaten LSU-but LSU is still the best team in the country. They lost a road game in 3 overtimes. That will happen sometimes. Florida-Kentucky next week will be the SEC East Championship game, and will probably determine who gets an at-large bid to the BCS. The SEC proved it was the #1 Conference this weekend, as the teams at the bottom all played well against good teams. This league is clearly the best top to bottom.

Pac 10:

1. Cal
2. Oregon
3. USC
4. Arizona State
————- (teams above are all still BCS contenders)
5. Oregon State
————- (teams above should be safely bowl eligible, teams below will likely not)
7. Washington
8. Arizona
9. Stanford
10. Washington State

Fans in the Valley will probably hate me for this, but I still think the Conference’s only undefeated team is actually the 4th best team in the conference. Here’s the deal. USC will be fine once John David Booty is back, and Cal will be fine once Nate Longshore is back. Oregon will suffer from losing Jeremiah Johnson for the season, but they have a lot of horses in their barn, and they will be fine as well. If ASU beats Cal in 2 weeks, I’ll change my mind about everything. Until then, I’m not buying what they’re selling. The Pac-10 is not particularly deep, but remains the #2 conference overall because the Top 4 teams have not lost a game outside of conference play, which only the Big 12 can also boast.

Big Ten:  

1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
————- (teams above are still BCS eligible)
3. Illinois
4. Penn State
5. Wisconsin
————- (teams above are competing for Bowl Games on Jan 1)
6. Northwestern
7. Michigan State
8. Purdue
9. Indiana
————- (teams above will compete for final bowl berths, teams below likely won’t)
10. Iowa
11. Minnesota

Congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeyes for their big win over Illinois, but I think that result shows more about Illinois than it does Iowa. Illinois might be a top tier team in the future, but I don’t think Juice Williams and company are quite ready for primetime yet. Indiana was exposed in East Lansing, and Wisconsin is in danger of falling to Tier 3 after their ugly loss to Penn State. Things will get tougher for Ohio State going forward, but probably not tough enough for them to not win the Big Ten.

Big 12:

1. Oklahoma
————- (team above will win the league)
2. Texas
3. Missouri
————- (teams above will compete for a BCS berth)
4. Kansas
5. Texas Tech
6. Oklahoma State
7. Colorado
8. Nebraska
9. Kansas State
10. Texas A & M
————- (teams above will compete for bowl berths, teams below will not)
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor

Oklahoma proved in their win over Missouri that they are the class of this league. However, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech pulled themselves closer to the middle of the pack thanks to their wins over Nebraska and Texas A & M respectively. Kansas still has a LOT to prove before I think they are anything more than a fraudulent undefeated. Texas is still in good shape to get an at-large to the BCS.


1. Virginia Tech
2. Boston College
————- (teams above are clearly the class of the league
3. Wake Forrest
4. Virginia
5. Maryland
6. Georgia Tech
————- (teams above are in good shape for bowl eligibility)
7. Clemson
8. Florida State
9. Miami
————- (teams above are in bowl limbo, teams below are hopeless)
10. North Carolina
11. North Carolina State
12. Duke 

The ACC moved ahead of the Big East in conference rankings thanks to Virginia’s win over UConn and Pitt’s home loss to Navy. Boston College did nothing against Notre Dame to prove to me that they are better than Virginia Tech. It is almost a guarantee that the ACC will not get two teams in the BCS.

Big East: 

1. South Florida
2. West Virginia
————- (teams above are competing for a BCS berth)
3. Louisville
4. Cincinnati
5. Rutgers
6. UConn
————- (teams above will compete for bowl eligibility, teams below will not)
7. Syracuse
8. Pitt 

South Florida is still the class of this league, and was very deserving of the #2 spot in the BCS. If they had won out, they would have deserved to play for the National Championship. They are the best team on both sides of the ball in this league, and I actually believe they will run the table from here. Rutgers got themselves back in the picture in this league, but with the Big East not having strong bowl tie-ins, they might be headed back to Texas in December. 

BCS Projections: 

BCS National Championship Game Presented by Allstate (Jan 7, New Orleans)
Ohio State vs. LSU

Ohio State is the class of the Big Ten, and I believe more and more every day that they COULD go undefeated. The biggest problem for the Buckeyes is that if they don’t go undefeated, they will not be in this game. LSU is still the best team in the country, and will prove it the rest of the way.

FedEx Orange Bowl (Jan 3, Miami)
Virginia Tech vs. South Florida

South Florida might have lost, but their win over West Virginia will keep them in the BCS. Virginia Tech will need to win the ACC Championship Game, which I think they will. Unfortunately for the Orange Bowl, this match-up won’t generate much more interest than last year’s Wake Forrest-Louisville showdown.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (Jan 2, Glendale)
USC vs. Hawaii

Hawaii got a scare from San Jose State, but they hung on. They play much better on the Island, and that’s where their toughest games are the rest of the way. Plus, they don’t have to worry about the type of weather they had to deal with in San Jose. USC will make it here because John David Booty will get healthy, and there will be a logjam of 2-loss teams in the Pac 10. The BCS will want USC as long as they can get them.

Allstate Sugar Bowl (Jan 1, New Orleans)
Texas vs. West Virginia

Again, this is a GREAT game for the Sugar Bowl, and as long as these teams stay on pace, they will both be there. Kentucky COULD be an option here if Texas falters, or if they win the SEC Championship game. 

Rose Bowl Presented by Citi (Jan 1, Pasadena)
Cal vs. Oklahoma

I think this is an intriguing match-up for the Rose Bowl. It may not be the Big Ten-Pac 10 match-up they prefer, but it will be interesting nonetheless. Oklahoma should stay unbeaten the rest of the way, I think Cal could still play here even if they lose to USC.

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