Beach | Beer | Baltimore Sports: Mid Summer Blues

July 08, 2012 | Josh Levine

Wednesday, July 11, 2012, is famous because for one day and one day only there will be no major sporting events taking place. Baseball has the day off after the All-Star Game, The NFL is still a month or so away from preseason action, the NBA and NHL have just wrapped up their seasons, the Olympics do not start for a couple of more weeks and college sports don’t start until late August. July 11th is a boring day. The summer really frustrates me.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy Baseball and I am a die hard Oriole fan. But, I remember 1997 and how much I enjoyed the wire to wire season and how disappointed I have been ever since.

The Orioles go into the All-Star break, five games over .500 and are 6.5 games behind the A.L. East leading NY Yankees. The O’s are relevant going into the All-Star Break yet they seem to be showing cracks.

The Orioles started the season with great hitting and strong starting pitching. Over the last several weeks the bats have gone quiet and injuries have mounted. The starting pitching has been much worse as 3/5ths of the opening day rotation have all been optioned to Norfolk since that day. There is talk all over the place of buying and selling at the trade deadline and quite frankly I do not think the Orioles can do much of anything.

They do not have any great veteran pieces that other teams are going to clamor for. Who on the team could Dan Duquette trade that has value? Brian Roberts is injury prone. Markakis is one of the teams best players. Adam Jones just signed a brand new deal. Matt Weiters is too valuable. Top prospects Machado and Bundy are untouchable as the number one and number nine prospects according to Baseball America. Andino? Reynolds? Davis? Maybe Davis.

Brian Matusz and Jake Arietta could be sent packing but who wants them right now?

So in my warped view, the O’s have no one to sell and thus cannot really buy anyone. There is talk of Zack Grienke and Wandy Rodriguez but as a fan ask yourself honestly, if you believe the Orioles have the fire power to make a trade that will not stunt their growth but also put a stud player in the cupboard.

I want Dan Duquette to make a big sexy splash just like every other Orange and black fan. I just do not see what is here that is expendable. I also do not see another team willing to part with a stud when there are better prospects to be held. I hate to be a debbie downer, but perhaps staying the course is the best bet for the O’s.

I got the…..Summmer Time Blues!!