Bedard Back To Baltimore? Thanks but no Thanks!

July 12, 2009 | Tom Clayton

There has been a lot of talk on the WNST airwaves about the possibility of resigning Erik Bedard at the end of the season; based purely on pitching ability it seems like a great idea. In terms of pure “stuff” there is no question that Bedard is one of the elite pitchers in all of baseball. In terms of makeup and intangibles though, Bedard is a player I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Bedard is an acerbic loner who doesn’t really seem as though he wants to play baseball at times. Actually, he is a lot like Wolverine in that he is a loner blessed with an amazing gift who doesn’t play well with others…but unlike Wolverine it is next to impossible to root for Bedard.

During his time in Baltimore, Bedard did not endear himself to his teammates or the media. Could you imagine Adam Jones hitting Bedard in the face with a pie after he got his first win back with the Orioles? Yeah, neither could I. The Orioles seem to be a clubhouse full of young players who have fun and enjoy being around each other; a dynamic that I don’t see Bedard really fitting into.

I would be very hesitant about putting a player of Erik Bedard’s personality in a clubhouse with a very young team. The last person I would want to mentor players like Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz is Bedard.

It would also be nice if you weren’t worried about the arm of the ace of your staff and a guy who will be making $10-14 million dollars a year falling off. Bedard has just eleven wins since being traded to Seattle and has been a consistent member of the disabled list.

I don’t think the Orioles will sign Bedard nor will he want to resign with the Orioles so that would leave a few potential teams who could acquire him in the future,

One potential suitor could be the Phillies. Philadelphia fans are some of the most fickle, blue collar fans in baseball; how do you think they would react to a $12 million-dollar-a-year pitcher who goes on the DL because he slept in bed the wrong way?

Another potential team that could be in the hunt for Bedard would be the Mets. Without a solid second starter behind ace Johan Santana, Bedard would be an amazing one-two punch. The issue with this pairing is that Bedard couldn’t handle six reporters in the clubhouse after an Orioles game. How would he survive New York where he would be surrounded after a game by more people then George Clooney at a singles bar?

For a team looking for a ridiculously talented pitcher who is a massive jerk and shuts it down at the first sign of discomfort, Bedard is the man for them. As for the Orioles, I will stick with the young pitching we are developing and let “Mr. Personality” jump on and off the DL for another team.