Beijing Olympic Questions

August 27, 2008 |

My wife and I logged in quite a bit of time watching the Olympic games, not realizing that we would catch Olympic fever. While it was fun to watch, it left us with many questions:  
  • Why would Michael Phelps risk his legacy by competing in the 2012 Olympics?
  • Who else was blown away by the agility and athleticism of the USA beach volleyball players?
  • Why is it that the announcers always accepted the diving judges’ decisions, while the gymnastic judges were constantly scrutinized?
  • Will anyone be surprised if the Jamaican sprinter Bolt changes his first name to Lightning?
  • Would the USA Men’s soccer team have medaled if they would have been able to hold the lead they had in the second match of round-robin play?
  • Did anyone expect the USA Women’s soccer team to win the gold after losing their first match? (And to win it against Brazil, who spanked them 4-0 in the 2007 World Cup?)
  • How about the picture of the USA basketball team surrounding Coach K, who was donning all of their individual gold medals?
  • And how about the USA Men’s volleyball team capturing the gold after having to deal with the tragic death and injury to the head coaches’ father and mother in-laws?
  • I didn’t know Jackie Chan could sing, did you?
  • Who else was asking the question “What are they doing now?” during the closing ceremonies?