Benless Steelers Still No Guarantee for Win

November 17, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Look folks I’m all for the Ravens going into Heinz Field and kicking the Steelers’ ass on Sunday Night. But with or without Ben, it will be a dog fight. As a student of history, I truly believe in the old adage “history always repeats itself”.

Do you all remember a Sunday or Monday night game three years ago? Big Ben was out for a concussion he suffered against Kansas City. The Steelers started an obscure quarterback by the name of Dennis Dixon. Dixon took the Ravens to overtime that night. His only mistake was throwing a pick to Paul Kruger in OT that lead to the Raven’s winning field goal.

And what about two years ago? Big Ben was suspended for allegedly raping a woman at a night club. Charlie Batch and the Steelers nearly beat the purple birds by four. It took heroic efforts by Joe Flacco late in the game to beat the Steelers.

My point being is this, if these two quarterbacks nearly beat the Ravens, why can’t Bryan Leftwitch beat the Ravens? Dennis Dixon nearly beat us here. The Raven’s run defense is horrible against a very good Steeler’s run offense. The Steeler’s defense is ranked number one. With or without Big Ben, the Ravens will have the fight of their lives tomorrow. And I think even the loud mouths who think otherwise know it too.