Best NCAA Party Schools

February 11, 2008 |

In my time traveling the country over the past dozen or so years–I’ve had the opportunity to attend a lot of parties during football and basketball season.  If you are looking to attend a game and wanna party like a real fan- I would suggest attending one of these places:

1) Univ of Texas @ Austin– 6th Street is the best party street in the country. Has been for the last 10 yrs…..

2) Penn St.- some of the craziest fraternity parties in the country outside Paterno’s house…..

3) West Virginia Univ.- what else is there to do in Morgantown other than drink with a bunch of 15 yr olds in the bars?

4) Univ of Wisconsin- good red wine goes great with that cheese…..

5) Univ of Mississippi- ever been to “The Grove”? This school might not win a game- but they’ll never lose a party…..

6) Ohio University (Athens)- the surprise of the Top 10. The smart people go to Ohio St.- the drinkers (and people who couldn’t get into Ohio St.) go to Ohio University.

7) Univ of Massachusetts- Gotta go to Northampton to party. These people go drink in-between classes.

8) Louisiana St. Univ- if my home got destroyed because of a hurricane- I’d drink too…..

9) Univ of Iowa (Iowa City)- some of the best football tailgaiting in the country. Steak goes great with that beer on the weekends…

10) Univ of Cal- Santa Barbara- some of the most amazing looking women in the world go here. Ever been to Isle Vista? If not- I highly recommend it. You can walk along the beach with a 40 in your hand……..amazing scenery……