Best Story Of The Baseball Season ….. Josh Hamilton

July 12, 2008 |

As we’re wrapping up the first half of the Major League Baseball season, there’s plenty of storylines to recognize. Think about it ….. the amazing turnaround by the Tampa Bay Rays ….. a reinvigorated Baltimore Orioles clubhouse (notwithstanding the last week) ….. and the saga that enveloped Willie Randolph and the New York Mets.

But, I think there’s one particular story that’s especially intriguing. It involves and emphasizes on Texas slugger, Josh Hamilton. By now, even the casual fan has probably heard of Hamilton and his “hard luck” story. Although, it’s currently revered as good news, many doubters are withholding judgement ….. given Hamilton’s past self-destructive tendencies.

You can heap me in with those who look at Josh Hamilton’s plight and comeback as a heartwarming achievement. In truth, Hamilton has exceeded the expectations of many experts and insiders, who handicapped his chances of resurrecting a once-promising baseball career from the squalid conditions of heroin and cocaine addiction as DISMAL. He has already defeated the predictions of many …..

The intention of this blog is not to portray Josh Hamilton as a hero, or someone who overcame immense odds of society’s doing. The circumstances that led to Hamilton’s downfall and the problems he’s been battling for years are absolutely HIS FAULT. There’s one guy to blame ….. and Hamilton sees him every time he looks in the mirror.

To be blunt, if Hamilton has found a way to forgive himself, and embrace loving and caring for himself, again, it’s probably time for others to give him a break and an unconditional second chance. Although, any contract he merits for the remainder of his career is bound to be constructed with protection for the employer, I’m of the mind that Josh Hamilton has earned the right to be viewed by the fan and enthusiast, without a discerning eye.

Regardless of the .313 average, 21 homers and 93 rbi ….. this young man has achieved loftier goals. If you or anyone in your life has ever battled addiction, than you know it’s a life-fulfilling achievement to conquer it. If you throw heroin into the conversation, the situation is only compounded, and the achievement enhanced. Heck, this drug has absolutely riddled the streets of Baltimore ….. like a CANCER.

Tomorrow, on the “Sunday Morning Blitz”, along with Jason Jubb, I’ll be discussing the Josh Hamilton story. As with many topics, Jason and I disagree on the very essence of Hamilton’s comeback and his spirited turnaround. We’ll also discuss other highlights of baseball’s first half.

Tune in …..