February 06, 2008 |

First…I picked the wrong team in the Super bowl but I can’t wait to see Tom Brady’s girlfriend run thru the streets of NYC naked(which she promised to do if the Patriots lost),maybe Kris Benson’s wife can join her…..A lot of folks have asked which is the best sports town, Baltimore or Washington?,,,Well D.C. has more major league sports teams(6 to 3)-plus to D.C. in a walk….In papers the Post and times have it over the sun-plus to D.C…..Sports talk shows in D.C..In Baltimore its WNST by a mile with their triple threat in Rex, Rob and Nasty….Anita Marx reminds me of Harpo Marx and her hair looks like his also…The Blimp Brothers have egos as big as their bellies and in my opinion they just don’t have it-Baltimore gets a plus because of the all-star cast at WNST….Another plus for Baltimore are their sports bars and good looking honeys…Yes I know D.C. has some foxy babes but they are more plastic then real!…Give me those gals from Glen Burnie, Dundalk and Pasadena I like Dave anf Busters in Arundel Mills, Bella Napoli in Pasadena and Henry’s Soul Cafe in Fort Washington…Baltimore has
charactors like Ironhead, Pencil Patrick, the Counterman, Tuff Tim, Paul Weasel, PONDMAN and Mayor Hoover….D.C. has only “Bevo” Shore who had a great left hand hook shot(but that was 50 years ago and he still has a crewcut)….
What ever happened to the beat radio woman sports reporter Chris Cole?….Baltimore is a minor league sports town but has major league bars and women….D.C. is a major league sports town but their women are to plastic and the bars are more snobish….Will Baltimore get the NHL and NBA? Probably not because it is more a pro wrestling and roller derby type town!