Big bucks rolling into Baltimore …..

June 20, 2011 |

While it’s no secret a soured economy has negatively affected the core of our nation, a window of hope and renewed prosperity will impact Baltimore over the next ten days or so …..

That’s right, an influx of money is headed this way. It will be in the form of entertainment dollars from local residents, as well as loyal tourists of a few given products.

With all due respect and love for the local landmarks, I am not referring to Ft. McHenry, Babe Ruth’s birthplace or the lure of Camden Yards, amid its quaint reputation among summer-traveling baseball enthusiasts.

Baltimore’s downtown restaurants, hotels, parking garages and mitigating businesses are about to get a GREEN shot in the arm, with thanks to some huge personalities who’ll bring their displays of talent and attraction to local venues …..

I have never watched half-naked men grapple with each other, while drinking cold beers with Glenn Clark. But, that will change tonight as rasslin’ returns to 1st Mariner Arena.

Randy Orton and his choreographing cohorts will be certain to attract the dollars of several thousand squared-circle drama pheens. Turnbuckles, tag teams and total chaos is bound to rule tonight’s LIVE television event.

Can Glenn and I co-exist amid our propensity to disagree on just about everything … and with alcohol involved? Stay tuned …..

What can I say about the legend of U2? They’re coming to town on Wednesday night and 50,000+ wallets and purses will be opened up by visitors and residents, alike.

For many music lovers, this is a pilgrimage in witnessing one of the GREATEST rock bands ever. And, Wednesday’s event also serves as the largest collection of consumers to ever see a concert, in Baltimore.

With or without you … Bono and his bandmates will most certainly bring an awesome energy to our city. It’s a grand celebration, even in a mid-week atmosphere. By the way, WNST and Bud Light have organized a pub crawl in the hours preceding the show. Nestor will be at the Tiki Barge at noon, and the Stalking Horse at 4pm.  Stay tuned to WNST for further information.

When a sports franchise from Cincinnati comes to Baltimore, it’s rarely observed as a major windfall. But, in this case we’re not talking about the Bengals …..

The last time the Cincinnati Reds played a baseball game in this town, Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and Tony Perez comprised the primary parts of the BIG RED MACHINE. They were among the best players of that era.

This coming weekend, the Reds will return for an inter-league series with the Orioles. While this Cincy team is not nearly as revered as the 1970’s product, they have spawned some of the best up an coming talents in baseball.

Joey Votto is the defending National League MVP, and his supporting cast of Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips are pretty good, too. The Reds are a popular team and their collection of young stars will seize the convenience of a weekend opportunity to produce attendance figures similar to visits by the Red Sox and Yankees.

Keep your fingers crossed on this final potential cash-cow opportunity for Baltimore’s business community over the next ten days …..

Albert Pujols is regarded as the best player in baseball, period. His steady cache’ of triple crown-caliber statistics, combined with a hulking presence and goodwill nature make him the most embraceable player in the game.

But, he’s hurt.

In yesterday’s game against the Royals, Pujols sprained his wrist in a collision with Wilson Betemit. Further information concerning the injury will be relayed later today.

It’s simple … if Albert Pujols plays, it will be three days of Yankees/Red Sox type crowds, again. If he doesn’t play, the series will probably be more resembling of a visit by another National league team.

Of course, I hope he’s healthy and capable of putting on a power display on Eutaw Street, next week. And, downtown businesses are undoubtedly hoping for the same thing.

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I will chat with you at 2pm ….