Bill Cowher vs Rex Ryan…with quote from Biscotti on Monday about Cowher

January 02, 2008 |

If I am the Ravens, I will interview anyone that wants to interview for the coaching job, but there is only one guy that you can bring in at this point and time and that would be Bill Cowher.
Now I know you have to try to entice Bill out of the broadcast booth, and Bill has said that he does not want to get back into coaching till next year. I really believe just like Steve Biscotti changed his mind on Billick, Cowher can change his mind also.
This is me being total conspiracy theorist, but do you think part of Steve’s decision to fire Brian was because he knew he could produce Bill? Again, I just find it really, really odd that Steve mentioned Bill’s name at the press conference the other day and went out of his way to deny any rumor about Cowher out of the blue, when he was not asked about him. I think Bill would be instantly respected in the locker room by the players, help you get free agents like a guy I think they need like Alan Faneca.
I understand that a lot of the defensive guys want Rex Ryan to be the head coach, and maybe he would be a great fit, but I am not sure it would work here. All the defensive guys like Rex as defensive coordinator, but how will the relationship change when he becomes the head coach? How is the relationship with the offensive guys, many of who have never dealt with Rex. Also would you worry about if it would send a wrong message to the offense that the defensive guys influenced the coaching decision? I hope Rex gets a head coaching job, but I do not think this would be a good fit.
Since I have been asked about the quote Biscotti gave about Cowher, here is the quote directly from the Ravens transcript :
What happened over the last few weeks to change your mind about brining him back, and did you talk to players to gauge their opinion on the matter? (Steve Bisciotti): “I didn’t talk to players. I talked to other personnel in the organization. Quite honestly, I had every intention of giving Brian another crack at this thing. He was willing to get a new offensive coordinator and turn over the play-calling. He was willing to do that, actually, weeks ago, and we recommended against it because the person that was going to get that charge was Rick Neuheisel. And we knew that Rick had half an eye on the college job openings. We said, ‘You can’t give up the play-calling with six or seven weeks left because Rick will spend half his time looking for jobs, and he could get a job when we still have three games left. So he’s just not a good candidate.’ That changed and people became vocal. Some came to me and encouraged me to seek out and Ozzie to seek out and Dick to seek out some other opinions, and we did.
“I want to say two things. No. 1: I have never gone into the locker room. The last time I’ve been in the locker room, I think I was walking a couple kids in while the players were outside. I rely on the support personnel around here to be my eyes and ears, and that’s what I did. The other rumor was that I had interviewed coach [Bill] Cowher. It was all over the place. I have never met Bill Cowher. If I shook his hand one time five years ago at an NFL meeting, I don’t remember it. But I did not talk with him, and I did not look for candidates. I have not spent one minute thinking about Brian’s replacement. That’s not something that I’m qualified to do without Ozzie’s lead. So, that process starts now.”