Billick Breaks Silence…and The Sun’s Heart

February 26, 2008 |

I have to laugh at The Sun’s take on Brian Billick’s recent Baltimore radio and television tour. The paper seems genuinely stunned that Billick decided to resurface through the local airwaves (appearing with his wife on WBAL-TV last week and then individually on WBAL Radio, CBS Radio and WNST in the past two days) rather than granting The Sun an interview.
Apparently The Sun sports staff thought Billick was oblivious to the witch-hunt conducted by Sun writers this season, or unaware that The Sun’s new sports editor had issued a “stir it up” directive to his staff (the Sports section changed to a tabloid format in more ways than one). It was a game to them: “Let’s see if we can get the big, bad football coach fired.”
But it wasn’t a game for Billick; it was his life. And, while he got wealthy in the process, don’t think for a second that he didn’t genuinely resent the nature of their game. The mediums in which he chose to break his nearly two-month silence had everything to do with The Sun, and little to do with his ability to control the message (as The Sun’s Bill Ordine blogged today). It was simply payback. The only card Billick was left holding read, “I’m talking to everyone except you,” and he played his hand.
How naive of The Sun to purposely destroy someone and then wonder why he won’t return their calls.